Call That A Second Chance

Posted: July 10, 2009 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                           Stardate: 63524.0 (July 10th, 2009)

Well, nothing interesting going on currently, unless you want to hear me babbling on in how some people here just deliberately rushed towards the edge of the Mass Rapid Train (MRT) upper deck platform, even before the train were seconds away to reach the station! One simple reason: To get a seat before the next gamer gets the loot. Well, typically I supposed, as I had encountered numerous times, and that it has been happening for quite some time when talking about getting seats. Just make sure they know where they stand, or else they be knocked out of the wind unexpectedly and tumbled to the railtrack instead!

Anyway, here’s my catch. Yesterday afternoon (July 09th), had decided to take a stroll on the beach at East Coast Park (had wished I had a girl to accompany me…..) just to ease my mind after completing the night shift on the night before. Damn, it was torturous! Incident after incident came pouring in one after another the whole night! Seem like there’s no end to it. Let alone the morning shift. My knees had been buckled, my mind spinning, and I thought I gonna suffered from migraine because of that! =o

Well, the needs of relaxation soon took place as I strolled across the sand. My mind finally at peace!

Some distances later, I caught sight of a child, believe to be a Caucasian wobbles down the beach towards the sea. Oblivious by the hazard of the rising tide. And what comes next, was his mother screaming at him: “You listen to me and come back here right now! Later when you drown, don’t come back and cry to me! I won’t pity you then!”

Message understood. The child heeds his mother’s advise and comes running back to her. Call that a second chance, and that the impact rating was high and immediate, like the rising tide =D

  1. Grab some friends at dinner time,bring them to eat at 85 market. Enjoy the good food!

    • Ariffin says:

      Sure, I had no problem with that. But I wasn’t sure why this has got to do with this topic…(scratch my head…)

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