Its Another Day Before Tomorrow….

Posted: July 7, 2009 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                            Stardate: 63516.0 (July 07th, 2009)

Talk about almost getting crappy! Its my off, and boredom does kills if you find yourself stuck at home and nowhere else to go and that majority of your friends were required around their working hours. And going out alone……doesn’t seem to appear much fun as what I can expected….

So almost the entire day, right after I woke up which was nearly a quarter to 1200hrs, my eyes have been glued to my computer like as though it was meant to be there. The usual I suppose; checking to see any updates from my facebook account, the two forums that I frequently visit, my email and……….back to facebook again, because of allowing myself to fill those tough-breaking gaps in Mafia Wars. Damn! Talk about not having gained enough credits, let alone getting some of the jobs done! And after several minutes of anticipation, I exited the game. Cause a thought just hit me on the head that I should carry on playing the new Ghostbusters 3 game that a friend of mine had lend it to me.

Sure, I am pumped. To kick some monsters ass with my so-called proton pack gun! Hah! =D Cool, mind-blasting mayhem that do make me sweat! =D At this point of time, is where you will response to counterattack with much anticipation as you followed the progress of the mission. Sounds like almost bargaining for cheap prizes in the flea market! =D

And in a few hours, I abort my mission cause I found myself to be worn out after that. I saved it for later use. And also to clean my mouse because of my sweaty palm…

Surroundings from outside starts coming in while letting my computer hibernate. My next door neighbour could be heard singing a Chinese song while taking a shower. What comes next was a woman several levels below, screaming at the top of her lungs over two kids whom one, was spending too much time in the bathroom, while another of wearing his short inside-out. My grandma had told me this before, that some time ago, that woman had went up to our flat and complained that my grandma was making a lot of noise by pounding and grinding chilli in its concrete bowl. But the weird part is, my grandma wasn’t pounding any chilli on that day. Apart from that, this woman had lived several levels below. So how can she claimed that the noise came from our house? Did she even checked the other levels above hers before reaching to ours? As what been told, she even argue with my grandma. Not the type who like to argue, my grandma just simply told her. “Fine, its up to you to believe me or not.” She’s quite a neighbourly person, and won’t take any risked. Furthermore, a friend of hers, who knew about the woman had told her once, that the woman happened to be some nanny. My grandma wasn’t so sure about that, and wouldn’t bothered to find out anyway. So the fact is, that the kids been screamed at, wasn’t hers. But today’s episode had left me to baffled as to why in the world would she yelled out to a kid who happened to wear his short inside-out? It wasn’t like as though the kid had destroyed some property or mess up the entire house!

Furthermore, and to be straightforward, this is not the first time I’ve heard the alarm from here. Does raised the high volume on a few occasions. Sometimes, I do wonder whether the cops were called in just to shut her up in order not to breach the peace…..

Had my lunch, tune in to some sci-fiction shows, and few hours later, I was back at my computer. This time, blogging in on today’s episode. Overall, there’s not much of a topic to get you guys interested into, except for the fact of that particular neighbour yelling out for the world to heard…….I don’t know, cause some of you might not be interested into it anyway. So I guess let it be then =D


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