Star Trek Barbie Dolls

Posted: July 3, 2009 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                            Stardate: 63505.0 (July 03rd, 2009)

Barbie Dolls are obviously girls stuff. But what about when it comes to Star Trek? Star Trek version of Barbie Dolls, to be exact. Doesn’t seems quite right? Or just never heard of it? Well, you better believe it, cause they do exists. If they had done it for Disneyland fairy tale princess, why not had it done for one of the greatest sci-fiction show ever created? Star Trek fans, if I could guess it correctly, majority of them must have heard it. Like our founder James Lee who had an old set of them, based on the Star Trek series from the 50s.

Star Trek Barbie Doll

This is not just simply Barbie and Ken plaything. But rather the Uhura and James Kirk version. Haha! =D

Some time ago, James had posted this in the forum, whereby the Star Trek version of Barbie Dolls, which comprises of Captain James T.Kirk, Commander Spock and Lieutenant Uhura were up for grabs. Furthermore, they were based on the new Star Trek movie =)

Fix your eyes on this!

Star Trek Barbie Dolls

Barbie Doll version of Lieutenant Uhura looks hot, doesn’t she? hehe…=D As according to James, if we purchase the dolls from our local vendor, it can be quite expensive as the total cost was S$330 if brought all three together. And each doll were sold separately. But, if order all three together from eBay, the prize will be cheaper, which S$250. So I’ve decided to go for eBay, like James did.

Being the most fanatic type when comes to collection, James had brought an entire three sets of them. While for me, I only go for James Kirk. I prefer to choose the one and only cool character that was a legend in Star Trek. Hehe..=)

So here it is. Nearly two weeks of waiting, my order has finally arrived. So does James, but according to him, his delivery arrived later at night on the same day, while mine arrived during late afternoon.

Still in the box.

Star Trek Barbie Doll

Out from the box.

Star Trek Barbie Doll

It even comes with a stand, and followed up with a cert as what I can tell. This is amazing! I wonder if its an official certification. keke…=)

Star Trek Barbie Doll

James had pointed out, that trekkies like us shouldn’t regard them as Barbie Dolls, even despite the looks of it. We should instead, considered them as action figures. Never mind the “soft” look they had. But seriously, I think “action figures” sounds better for them =D

Call me crazy if you wished, especially those non-Star Trek fans. But I had to admit, I love the doll! =D

And check this out. He finally has the Enterprise! Way to go Captain Kirk! =D

Star Trek Barbie Doll


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