Asia 1st Mascot Parade in Singapore

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Captain’s log                           Stardate: 63494.0 (June 29th, 2009)

Two days ago (Saturday, the 27th), was a blast! And its certainly reminds me of the recent Chingay Event 09! =D

On that day, stardate 63488.0, itself was the Asia Mascot Parade, been held at the Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza, Orchard Road. Furthermore, this is the first that Singapore will host as one of the most biggest event that will be the talk of the town!

Those who are into costume play will come about to dress up as their favourite superheroes, anime characters and sci-fiction characters. And first timers will have their chance to showcase their creativity and talent. At the same time, to have fun, get to know more friends and show the world a piece of popular youth culture! =D We are invited to take part into it, as well as our Star Wars counterpart from MoviaMania. And before that day even arrived, I already feel the adrenaline rushes on me. On top of that, I can finally put on my Borg Arm that I had created!

Borg Arm

I had this idea after I wear one during the Chingay Parade, whom it came from Reno, the boss of MoviaMania and who had dress up as a full Borg Drone on that day. I couldn’t help playing with it, especially when come in closing and opening the “claw” area. Hah! =D I was so engrossed into it, and so I approached Reno for some specification into it. Took me almost a week to get it done. And when it was completed, I just couldn’t believe my eyes! =o

Next, was bringing it with me for the event. I had to borrow my uncle’s badminton sack as the length is found to be suitable for the arm. And for that matter, I will not take the train like I usually did when going to Orchard Road. Because of its bulky length, let alone the crowd in the train, the Borg arm will most likely get collided with the crowd. I hate to see it gets damage. So I had no choice I had to take a cab. That’s the safest way possible.

The Civic Plaza of Ngee Ann City was already filled with activity when I arrived. Participants, majority of them had already put on their costumes. And they looked fantasic! The atmosphere here was in high spirits. Never mind about the hot weather, cause everyone down here is looking forward for the fun of it all! And I can’t wait to put on my uniform. And not to mention, the Borg arm. Hehe…=)

From our side, we are supposed to have eleven members participating. But at the very last call, four couldn’t make it, with two of them not feeling well. They had better stay at home, as given by the doctor’s strict orders due to the H1N1 flu virus that were currently spreading. So left only seven of us. Trekkie James Wong will also be there, as our minder and photographer =)

All of us were told to wear the starfleet uniform that were seen in the Star Trek movie: First Contact. Our founder, James Lee wanted this to be standardized for all of us on that day.

And now, I give you three guesses as to which character I’ve played.

That’s right. The relentless, cybernectic species who goes around assimilating other beings to be part of the Collective, due to perfection. And some of you might have guess it immediately right after seeing the Borg arm.

Well, the name is there. The Borg.

Basically, founder James Lee had two sets of Borg masks. One is the full mask and the other one is the half-mask, which requires make-up. That’s the one I had on during the Chingay Parade. But for the Asia Mascot, I’ve decided to go with the full mask. Reason?

Firstly, the weather is damn hot on that day. And if I were to put on make-up, I wouldn’t be sweating. But I will be melting instead! It was actually a joke from James. Hah! =D

Second, it will take Janice (James’s wife) nearly an hour to apply make-up on me and stick that Borg eye-patch onto my right eye.

Third, it will be troublesome for me, cause once this is over, I have to search for the nearest toilet in order to wash away the make-up. It wasn’t easy.

Overall, time can be wasted because of that. I’ve decided that the half-mask will go for events like the Chingay Parade, whereby majority of the participants had make-up on. For a short one like the Asia Mascot, its better for me to go for a full mask where I just have to wear it on like the way I did when wearing the Vulcan-Commander Spock mask. Besides, I’m still Borg, and better still, had the Borg arm ready for the kill. Haha! =D

A glimpse of the changing room. Hah! =D

Asia Mascot

And soon, it time for some fun!!! All photos were taken by Trekkie James Wong. Many compliments from him. Thanks dude! =D

Asia Mascot

One of the best group photo ever taken.
(From left: Trekkie Franklin, Richard, Md.Ariffin (That’s me!) James, Bryan, Janice and Liow)

Asia Mascot

Once again, we are back to experience what its like to be in the Hall of Fame. Cameras everywhere flashes. Posing here and there. And indeed, I was quite surprised to see there’s even Batman, as well as the Joker that were seen in Dark Knight. The way the participant had dressed up as one does resemblances much like the actual one seen in the movie. Impressive!

Asia Mascot

And my Borg arm does trilled many! The kids, especially, with few of them even try to “shake hands” with it. Some of them, do get terrifyied as well. Hehe..=)

And even more surprises, cause Ironman was there! And the one wearing that full body armor was Reno himself! =D He created the suit from his workshop. And I couldn’t say anything more cause the suit was damn MARVELOUS!!! It was just like the real thing seen in the movie!

Asia Mascot

We entertained the excited crowd around the vicinity for nearly an hour before heading back to the changing room. Even the Star Wars characters had done their job, as well as Ironman himself. Hah! =D

Well, I guess that’s it then. Doesn’t really stretches the whole day as I thought it might be. Anyway, we had our fun, and it was memorable! =D And yes, there’s more to come, and we are all eager for it! This year 2009 sure has a lot of action-packed events waiting for us =D

  1. Jimmy says:

    My God! That’s IRONMAN!!! =o

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