Talk About Being Polite…..

Posted: June 9, 2009 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                             Stardate: 63439.0 (June 9th, 2009)

Seriously, I just don’t seem to understand from SOME people nowadays. Especially when you are working as a law enforcement officer. Some kind-heart souls out there would have objected me vehemently not to tell the whole world about what I’m going to write. But wasn’t that a BLOG meant to be. And I can’t help the fact that I AM, after what seem to be “wrongfully accused” from those idiots. I was advised to be patient. But how long does the advice gonna last? Especially when they say you are rude, when you are actually trying to be nice to them!

Just my previous morning shift, a male customer came to my post with his young son to make a report. He didn’t even returned my greeting when I greeted him with a smile. Well, some people wouldn’t be bothered, and we ought to expect that. But the way he had come in, was like as if my post was a lobby of some budget hotel. It so happens when I began to ask him more question regarding to his case. In case any blogger reading this thought I might be talkative, I am NOT. His case is a more serious type and questions that I had asked is considerable. I could tell by the looked of his change in expression by each questions that were laid out to him. Once again, I just had to ask this questions! Its a must and very important before I relay this to the investigating officer in-charge of the case. If there’s nothing much to concern about, you think I would babbled on like as if there’s no tomorrow?

Yet, this guy claimed that I had waste his “precious time” and even objected that his case wasn’t that complicated.

HELLO!!!??? Who’s the police officer here!? (And I’m NOT trying to be arrogant here!) What makes he think that his case wasn’t that complicated!? And how much does he know about this case!? If he was indeed a smart alec, then why don’t he lodged the report himself!? Call me crazy if you wished in what I’ve just mentioned!

Pardon me, but I’m not used to be so vulgar. But in this kind of situation – What the F_ _ _!

In the wake to control my anger, I explained to him carefully. Emphasize the prerequisite of the scenario regarding to the issue. But he seems like…..I don’t know…..hearing problems!? He thinks he’s right, and what I did was like, shaking legs?? Excuse me, customers are not right most of the time! There’s a saying to this; To be able to catch a ball, is not as easy as it appears.

Worse come to worse (as I considered this as one of the most “interesting expression” from people like him), he even says I’m rude!

That really got into me! If this is how he behaves, this is how he addresses me, then I will reveal my true colours.

“Ok fine! If you think I’m rude, then go ahead! I have been very patience, but you gave me no choice! I’m trying my best to help you, and yet you thought I had waste your stupid “precious time!” Then why come here in the first place!? If you want to complain against me, by ALL MEANS! Because Singaporeans like you, love to complain! Go ahead, tell the whole world! Complain to the newspaper! I don’t care! You want my pass!? Go ahead, take my name, take my ID, my rank! And perhaps, you better take a look inside the dictionary! Cause I don’t think you know what the word “rude” means!”

That really got him to stood up from the seat, grabbed his son, and stormed out from the place. And muttering….”sickening…”

What a jerk! Man, how I wished I could yelled back at him! But on the other hand, good riddance of him! Eventually, the report that idiot wanted was call off. He had rejected it anyway. Damn! His attitude really sucks! To be frank, I have encountered such behavior in my line of duty, but this is the most ridiculous one, especially when the person accused that you are rude when you are being polite! Doesn’t they know what “rude” means.

And complains? Ah…yes, the so-called “blah….blah….blah…..blah…..blah….blah….” Sometimes, they can get over the edge over a minor issue, and this is what they did. I admit, some members of public had ever lodged complains against me before. But seriously, its all minor issue, but they tend to make a big whoo-ahh about it. Its a wonder why many police officer resigned.

I settled back on my chair. Trying to ease my mind away from the troubling thoughts. In times like this, I can say that I really hate my job. But all saying goes, that you still need to go with the flow as what life and parcel is all about. You had chosen the job, and you better lived up to it. If you think you can’t handle anything like this, then you might as well broke out from there. Its now or never. But during this recession period (let alone the H1N1 flu virus….), you think you want to?

Just think, focus as you eased yourself. If you are the one who treated your customer like some monster, then its practically your fault. But you are NOT, and you DON’T even dare! Cause you know what you are doing through the protocols of a Good Customer Service. With a smile, that is… =)

This is something I wish to share. Not to offend others……

  1. Jimmy says:

    Yo my friend, relax dude =) Some people are like that. As an officer, I believe you had the right to ease some tension. Try not to get overreact, as this are some problems that may cause big problems.

    Chill dude =)

  2. Joran says:

    n yes, I agree

  3. Haz says:

    My dear Abg, relax ok. I know u did well.. just forget that past, cuz u still need 2 move on. I’ll can be your listening ear, n always know u did well…=)

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