The Early Bird Gets The Worm…

Posted: June 3, 2009 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                             Stardate: 63422.0 (June 3rd, 2009)

I woke up first thing in the morning to find the sky raining down tears. Weather like this is usually perfect, when you are still in dreamland – as what many will concur. And will ended up going back to dreamland again, when you just woke up and noticed that it rains. Noticing it, I remember someone of that certain individual mentioning about the beauty of rain. Quite touching, a warm heart-feeling that kept you embrace to the depth of this very nature itself. It tells how beautiful the sound were made when the rain patters against the glass window. The gentle wind brushes against your skin, that let your mind to wander and think nothing at all. Just completely ease the thoughts as you drifted away by nature. Its truly remarkable, that you felt like floating through the clouds……

Ok, enough said. Now I suddenly sounded too soft into this….

Since today was my official off day, I thought of waking up early so that I could spend around the clock when I knew I gonna rot at home the whole day! =D Need to surf the net due to some ghost investigation that I was linked to anyway. Well, you know that I was a member of the local paranormal group as been mentioned before. Thought of spending part of the day seeking out for any information that I could dig out from the local internet. Its seeking thrillers, I tell ya. Reminds me more of like a police investigations as I thought more about it =D

Without wasting any precious moment, I immediately dragged myself out of bed. My eyes fell upon on a particular novel left on my computer desk.

Ah yes, its the new Star Trek novel, which was based upon the new movie that I’ve brought the day before (June the 2nd). I’ve already mentioned about it from my previous log just yesterday also. Hehe…=D

I had continued reading it right after I had posted yesterday’s log entry. The same goes when I was on the train heading for home right after I had purchase the book. Suddenly find myself so engrossed into it that I almost missed my stop. Despite knowing how the new chapter turns out, I just couldn’t stopped turning the pages. I was so lost into it! Its dramatic, truly remarkable, tells the whole story through in-depth. Just like many other Star Trek novels I’ve read. But this ain’t non-canon. Its already taking place on the big screen, and the novel had retold the tale in a much more stretchy version.

Page after page ended as I turned them after another when I read it the night before. I didn’t realized how far I have gone, until I happened to caught the time on the wall.


Talk about that timing! And talk about reading it till somewhere in the middle of the book! Well, I had better called it a night. Or else I ended up waking up late today.

And so, the entire time was facing the computer before me. Spend some few hours paranormal hunting through the internet, before proceeding opening up those common websites that I was hooked on. Two fan forums, a social webpage and a music site, just to add on some relaxation as I clicked away on the mouse. By then, the rain has already stopped, and the rays of sunlight started streaming through the gaps of my bedroom window.

Birds chirping was heard, and soon company by a resident living on a level just below mine, singing his heart out while taking a shower.

Not bad. Can opt for an audition for the upcoming Singapore Idol 3, I supposed….



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