Star Trek, The Novel

Posted: June 2, 2009 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                           Stardate: 63420.0 (June 02nd, 2009)

After going hibernating for several hours due to the previous night shift that was completed, I washed up and get all dressed up before heading towards Ngee Ann Shopping Mall, which was located at the heart of Orchard Road. I remember one of our female trekkies (Star Trek fans) saying that she had brought a new Star Trek novel some time ago, which was literally based on the new Star Trek movie. (She was a Star Trek novel collector, for your info =) It was sold in the Kinokuniya bookstore, located on the 3rd level of the building. Despite of watching the movie a few times, why not get the book also? =D Its a reflection of what goes beyond on the same path, though there may be a slight difference in words when comes to the book. Its common like many others, as they are meant to show the in-depth part of the story. But the entire storyboard and characters were still intact, having no effect to reconcile.

It was already late afternoon by the time I woke up. Well, its better actually, since the weather had cool down; compared during the day earlier when it was a blazing heat!


Soon, I was out soaring from the bookstore, with the new Star Trek novel that I’ve just brought. Believe it or not, I started reading it once I boarded the train home. I just happened to find the urge to read it, despite knowing how the story goes by. I suddenly turned engrossed into it. So engrossed that I almost missed the station where I’m supposed to disembarked! =D

Once I arrived at home, I picture this:

Model and Book
A perfect delicate collection 😉


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