Before He Was Enlisted…..

Posted: May 31, 2009 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                            Stardate: 63414.0 (May 31th, 2009)

Ok, this one happened two days ago on Friday, the 29th. Should have written this down yesterday, but was been caught up in some big meeting held at Home Team Academy that lasted the whole day and was completely worn out after that. So today, I better get down writing it.

Last Friday evening, I head down to Pasir Ris Park where I was been invited by one of the agents from our paranormal group, named Justin for a barbeque been organized by him. Reason was that, he was been enlisted for his National Service this June (forgot his enlistment date), and was been selected for Commando training. He was expecting for Police, but almost fainted when he noticed a symbol of a dagger instead of a crest when he removed the letter he received from the Minister of Defense =D But oh well, you can’t really argue when comes to this! He give it a shot anyway. So before he was due to serve his country, why not organized a barbeque so that he had enjoyed one last good moment with us. Pretty well said, so I’m good to go, since it was my first official off on that day and totally got nothing better to do at home. Besides, I’m always keen for a barbeque party whenever I’m free. Hehe =D And of course, this barbeque was meant for all of our paranormal agents whenever they are free to drop by. Justin do bring some of his friends as well. You know, the more the merrier =)

Night soon falls, and we are indeed, having a good time of a night! I never knew Justin got this phobia of explosives. I mean, those explosives that cames in small packets, and you need to squeeze the packet. Once the packet gets thicken, you have to throw it. And in a few seconds, it will explode. But it was only meant to scare the wits out of you. Like someone saying, “BOO!” Hah! =D

One of the members happened to bring a box of it. Its been a long time since I happened to hold one of this. The last time I’ve played with this stuff when I was a kid, and really had much fun playing with it. You should have seen how Justin screamed and ran when the torments of mini-explosives comes raining on to him. Haha! =D

However, the fun never stops here, as another member bring along another fun via explosives. Haha! =D I don’t know what its called, but if I’m not mistaken, its mostly used during party events. Its quite small, and you have to pull back the string from the rear to released a not-so-loud POP! sound. It was also accompanied by strains of strings….I think. With this fresh set of “ammos” we started shooting each other with those! =D Playing police and thief that night was like sheer entertainment. Of course, I’m one of those who gets prank most of the time. Well, for the fun of it, to be obvious. Hehe…=D

Somewhere at 2200hrs, me and three of the members had to call in the night. We bid farewell to the rest, and wish Justin all the best. Its a great barbeque, and the night had never been that fullfilling =)

Here’s some good photos taken =)






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