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Posted: May 25, 2009 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                             Stardate: 63398.0 (May 25th, 2009)

I really had to thank James, the founder who manage our StarTrek fansite a million times for giving me this opportunity to be part of the Cosplay Competition that was been organized by MoviaMania, our fansite counterpart. The event was held last Saturday (May 23th, 2009) at Suntec City Convention Hall, and lasted for two days. The Cosplay starts at 1900hrs till 2100hrs. But those participating had to be there early at 1800hrs as to be prepared. James actually had this posted inside the forum. The Cosplay Competition is part of the Licence2Play gaming event, which was to immerse yourself into a world of gaming as each participants battle it out their wits against their opponents =D

Of course, I’m not the only one he had nominate. (Its kind of an unexpected to me actually…) He had also chosen one of our female trekkies, named Vera, who was a Singapore PR and originates from Indonesia. On top of that, she’s the HOT one in our community that some hunks can go gaga on her =P But too bad, cause she already got her own hunk to keep her company. Hehe..=D And according to James, this is her 2nd time participating. She was to dress up as Lieutenant Nyota Uhura, who was the communication officer aboard the U.S.S Enterprise NCC-1701. And I’m referring to the younger version of Uhura, seen in the new Star Trek movie. Reason? Cause during the 2nd preview of the movie which takes place at Great World City, she had dressed up like one. That’s where we finally get our new Starfleet uniforms. (I had wrote this log which falls on stardate 62865.1) What amazed many of us was how she had fashioned up her hair as exactly like Lieutenant Uhura. It was truly an eye-opener! I was like….WOW!! =O

Here’s the “evidence.” Hehe..=D

2nd preview

And if you are wondering whether I’m gonna turned up as a Borg-Assimilate Starfleet officer again (how I wished…) like the one during the recent Chingay Event, then you are…….WRONG! =D

This time, I gonna ended up as Commander Spock. By wearing the Spock mask like the time I did at Great World City, Looks like once again, I had to endure the boiling pressure once the mask had envelope my face. Well, I had experienced it before. So why not experienced it again for that few hours =D

Furthermore, I had never participate in cosplay. Especially facing enthusiastic fans of sci-fiction and anime shows. And there will be judges, not to mention. Talk about winning the 1st prize, which was $500. James had related to me, that one of the female trekkie, named Fiona had ever win the 2nd prize from one of the past Cosplay Competition. She had participate a lot of times. So does majority of the other trekkies. And there will always be a first time for those who have yet to participate. As James had assured to me, be confident in yourself, and be proud that you have been selected. If others can do it, so can you. Sure, I was more nervous than anything else, but he did tend to calm me down. He gave me some advice, told me to calm down, and that was it. Well, we see how it goes…


Then, its all over! Both Vera and myself didn’t quite make it to the Top 10, but we really had a great time! =D I also had to considered myself grateful, cause during that time when all 24 contestants were posing for the cameras while the judges decides who to select and who will get eliminate, several photographers at the back of the audience were yelling out for me: “Spock! Spock! Spock!”, and even holding up the traditional Vulcan “V” salute. I had to admit, that I do felt like as though I had won a jackpot! The excitement and the strong support from them does trills me! So excited that I could hardly contain myself! =D Even Vera had confident in me that I could win for this. She was really impressed by the moves I made when I was on stage, and was hoping for me to be selected for the Top 10.

But…..oh well. At least I do managed to pull out the strings and gotten some of the girls screaming for Spock. Hehe…=D

Overall, as stated in today’s paper, it was a great success for the very 1st Licence2Play event. Besides casting their eyes on the new video games, took part in gaming competitions and cosplay contest, they also snapped up electronic products from retailers who offered attractive discounts. This overwhelming response for this year will definitely be doing a bigger Licence2Play event for next year =D

Though been eliminated, I’m still proud of myself having to gain some experience from being part of the Cosplay Competition. Sure, we do received a promised goodie bag that was meant for all contest participants, in case anyone of you were wondering. From the experience, there’s a magic to it, which is to enjoy yourself =) This is only the beginning for me, and I am, going for more! =D

And seriously speaking, Vera herself did performed marvelously. While mine did some running, squat, armed myself with the prop phaser gun and showing the Vulcan traditional salute, Vera’s was a delicate, beautiful catwalk across the platfrom. Seriously, she reminds me of those Top 10 Supermodels from America. Oooo…lala..=p

We had dinner after that. A really enjoyable one, where we flashback about the event and to touch that base that we will someday win =)

Here some photos taken. Enjoy 😉






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