Replica of the U.S.S Enterprise (Redesign)

Posted: May 24, 2009 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                            Stardate: 63395.0 (May 24th, 2009)

Finally! After nearly two weeks of waiting, the starship model of the all-new U.S.S Enterprise NCC-1701 seen in the new Star Trek movie which I’ve ordered from eBay had arrived at my doorstep. The delivery came in yesterday afternoon. The starship was actually a remake and a modified version of its original counterpart which was been seen in the original series from the 60s. This newer version does matches from some of its older counterpart, but much of it was been radically change, with a much more futuristic dynamic look, more sleek and with a sheer complexity.

U.S.S Enterprise

In comparison…

U.S.S Enterprises

So, who’s tougher than it looks? Hehe…=D The ship might have change much just to suit in for the new movie. But its original design can never be altered. Creator of Star Trek, the late Gene Roddenberry had considered the ship, by its outstanding look which means, “sheer power.” The familiar look has been recognized, like a symbol of Great Honour and Respect.

Apart from the working lights that was been lighted up from the warp nacelles, bridge and deflector, the replica even includes the authentic sound effects, and also the real Captain James T.Kirk and Commander Spock dialogue from the new movie! =D By the looks of it, I am really impressed. The major design does appeared much versatile. More complex with a forward, bolder look. No wonder majority of Star Trek fans were drooling over it…=P But we still ought to learn something from its older version as well =)

Placing the new model between the original and the refitted NCC-1701 which makes its first appearance in the first Star Trek, The Motion Picture does brings out a perfect image than just to compare the trio. Its another lovely collection, I must say =)

The Trios

  1. Franklin Kelowanasovereign says:

    I gonna Have my Star trek new movie enterprise with the movie i gonna put pics really soon !

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