So Leceh! (Troublesome)

Posted: May 22, 2009 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                             Stardate: 63390.0 (May 22th, 2009)

Let me share with you this common expression among my race, which I find it rather particular. This “so leceh” is known to be a colloquial Malay term popular among Malays and non-Malays, and that includes foreigners who so very quickly assimilate everything Singaporeans. The word “leceh”, in English meaning, troublesome.

Last night shift, my partner and I were dispatch to a residential estate after our ops division had received a call from one of the residents living there. The caller, happened to be a German after showing us his passport, and who has lived in Singapore for a year surprised me when he complained it is “so leceh” when been advised that he needs to go down to the sub-court pertaining to his case. Isn’t there a better and more suitable way, he asked. His case were found to be a dragging one, so there’s no other better options.

Leceh has quickly become a very useful, all-encompassing and compromising word. When it is troublesome to weed the garden blade by blade of some wild-growing plants, it is so leceh! When your boss wants you to summarize a 100-page document, it is so leceh! When you found that the item you are looking for in this shop is out of stock, but there’s another shop located a mile away that might still be in-stock and you have to proceed all the way there, it is so leceh! When you have to rewrite a long text, especially a long one and you didn’t even save it has been wiped out from the monitor screen because someone had switched off the wrong switch by accident, it is so leceh! And if you have to dress up in the right attire for a function when you feel comfortable in T-shirt and jeans, it is so leceh indeed!

The Chinese, I am told have an equivalent, which is sien, and was offen muttered with a sigh….


Captain’s log                                                     Supplemental

And, in addition to this latest log, many of my friends and colleagues had asked me, that I kept updating my blog almost every day. One of them even commented that, the range of my entries were just so tremendous that he couldn’t stop reading every one and each of them. Well dude, had to admit, it verges me on the peaks of writing what I love the most. I’m honour, thanks my friend =)

A few of them had asked, that majority of my entires were mainly entertainment and events, unlike many others that speaks about their personal views that such expressions from their stories do touches your heart. Well, what can I say? I mean, as been mentioned before, I write what I love the most. Couldn’t help the fact in what I see before my very eyes by the changes in reality. I considered this as my life and parcel. Same goes like many other bloggers =) I just cannot resist writing the good stuff, one that I’m so eager to share it with you all. It just to unwind what is happening, and to journey through the events as I summit my chornicles of lifestyle =D


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