Basically, What Went Wrong??

Posted: May 20, 2009 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                             Stardate: 63384.0 (May 20th, 2009)

I was been assigned to manned the counter duty at the Neighbourhood Police Center (NPC) which I was been posted to this morning shift, and I ended up getting a variety case of “unexpected word errors.”


Before the clock strikes noon, I had called up a reputable organization regarding on a case they had filed to us recently, and that my team leader needs me to confirm with them before he can relate this to one of the senior investigating officer in charge of the case. After three dials, a sweet voice responded: “Hello, what can I help you?”


Better believed it, because she had somehow stumped me momentarily and I forgot what it was I wanted. I wasn’t sure anyway what she could do to help me then. Or how she could help me. But you can be sure that it wasn’t her voice, sweet as it was, that had me dumbfounded. Well, one thing for sure, she might have sputtered out her words without realizing it.


Later, somewhere in the afternoon, I received a call from a member of public where he complained that a group of hooligans were making a lot of noise, with a few of them even shouting at the top of their lungs near to his residence. He would be very much appreciated if I “can sending some officers” to check on them.

Alright! That really got into me! Isn’t it easier to say “send some officers”? And just when I thought this gonna be over, I ended up getting another one from a member of public seated infront of me who came to lodge a report: “I want to asking you if my case take time to review.”

Then, few hours later, I overheard a member of public chatting on his phone, seated on the cushion of the NPC lobby while waiting for his turned to lodge his report: “Yo bro, I want to telling you that my side don’t have the items that you wanting.”

My goodness, am I getting an extreme case of want to doing something hiccups, or what!?

I want to go to a park and listen to the birds chirp and tweet instead. Birds, I am told, never sing out of tune. Because they don’t know how.


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