There Was A Man In Tanjong Katong

Posted: May 19, 2009 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                             Stardate: 63381.0(May 19th, 2009)

Just today in the early afternoon, a few of my colleagues and myself were coordinally invited for lunch as part of an official police workshop, been held inside the Conrad Hotel. And to share with the rest of our team, as to direct them into some of the users and new administration that was been introduced.

Indeed, not bad at all. Those three hours with a break in-between was well spoken, accomodating, encouraging, up-to-the-standard and understandable. Though that we might get the boredom, as what we can be expected. But it turns out to be a fabulous one!

Not to mention, the food there does excite our appetite =D Too delightful in flavouring that we couldn’t resist it and go for more. The black pepper chicken, especially =)

And yes, fabulous as it is, as one of the VIPs there were been nominated to talk on the topic had decided to encourage participation. Therefore, he introduced the audience to his so-called “saucy limericks” and invited us to play with rhymes. It turns out, the less saucy type:

“There was a man in Tanjong Katong,
Who loved to eat longtong,
He married a wife from Hong Kong,
And had a son they called King Kong,
Together they played ping pong,
All day long……”

Quite a rhyme that was! Hah! =D And from what one of my colleagues had commented to us, that he had no doubt that the man in Tanjong Katong had many distant limerick relatives. Well for once, I just have to believe him. Does have an interesting expression, if you know what I mean =D And we do had one hell of a good laugh just for that! =D

P:S: Sadly, too bad none of us brought our camera along…=(


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