Distant Cousins

Posted: May 16, 2009 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                           Stardate: 63373.7 (May 16th, 2009)

Written by local author David Leo, I found this content of his quite entertaining which I had received through my police email. Not to mention, quite logical in a sense =D It’s about “Distant Cousins”, and here’s how it goes.

1) The Karang Guni Man

Have you seen the Karang Guni Man of late? These days he come around not on foot, but by bike or driving a lorry. With the amount of garbage that our households discard daily, it would appeared a thriving business. His English cousin is, of course, the Rag-And-Bone Man.


So, does it sound logical enough? =D

Here’s another….

2) The Satay Man

What about the Satay Man who lives in Sandy Lane? If you haven’t heard of him, asked your children. They may still sing about him in school. “Do you know the satay man who lives in Sandy Lane?” He has an English cousin too, though they trade in different food. Our Satay Man sells meat on bamboo skewers, where the meat will be dipped in a chill-hot peanut sauce as you eat it. But his English cousin has his fingers in flour. He is the Muffin Man from Drury Lane.


I know there’s Sandy Lane, but I wasn’t sure there’s Drury Lane….=s


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