Movie Outing: Star Trek – The Future Begins

Posted: May 13, 2009 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                        Stardate: 62867.9 (May 13th, 2009)

Four days ago, which falls on Saturday the 9th – stardate 62856.9, I went to Shaw House Cinema, to meet up with James, Janice and another trekkie named Martin, whom I get to know him during our recent chalet at East Coast. The reason why I’m there, cause James recently had opened up a thread in the forum, that he had decided to organize a movie outing, which is….yeah, you got it. The new Star Trek =) Its a special treat for those of our members who haven’t watched it. The movie was already release for the public since May 8th, so why not invited our members to catch this incredible movie =D

Some of you might be wondering why should I watch it again if I’ve already seen it twice which was the preview? Good question, because I wanted to enjoy my time with them, despite being a hardcore fan of Star Trek =) Seriously, I still never get sick of watching it dozens of times. Basically, what can you expect more from a trekkie? =D Its just go to show how much you enjoy being one of them. Personally, I do watch other sci-fiction shows, since I’m crazy about sci-fiction. But Star Trek is always place right at the top of my A-list =)

We meet up at the McCafe right next to the building. The movie starts at 1620hrs. So before that, James had brought out certain cut-out newspapers that featured about us! Yes! We are in the spotlight again! =D All the photos there and stories been published were from the recent Star Trek previews. And there’s me, been taken during the 2nd preview. Me in the Spock mask! This is truly remarkable!

Movie Outing

I never would have thought that my photo would turned out that big. Hehe…=)

The tickets were ready in hand, and we are waiting for three more to show up. So far, its only seven of us going for that day. Once again, I won’t mind watching it again, like the way both James and Janice had done till the fourth round =D

The remaining three, with two of them been invited prior emails and the last one who happened to be a member of the Star Wars fansite were just in time for the movie =) As James had reminded those who have watched, please zipped up your mouth to prevent any spoiler to those who have not watched =)


Once the movie is over, we settled down at Long John Sliver which was near to the cinema. James had brought along his laptop, where he shall transfer some of the best photos taken from the two previews, as well as the KL via Genting trip to those who had the thumbdrive with them. Then, we spend some few hours there, talking about the movie, as well as the past movies and series while enjoying the food from that restaurant that James had brought.

We left the place before the clock hits 2200hrs. Wow, that’s quite a stretch! Hah! =D


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