Star Trek Preview

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Captain’s log                           Stardate: 62865.1 (May 12th, 2009)

This one happened last week Monday, the 4th, the day after after James, Janice, Jeremy and myself had return from the trip to KL via Genting. I know its been a week, but had to delay this because of the previous log I’ve recently wrote about the trip there.

Anyway, here’s the catch. Monday, the 4th – stardate 62843.6, right after work ends, I straightaway proceed to Great World City – Golden Village for the 2nd, and the last preview of the new Star Trek movie. As this was a preview, and were meant only for those with prior invitation. Those who had won the contest for the gala premiere, and us, members of the local Star Trek fan site who had volunteered to be part of the so-called “Walk-in characters” for that day. Been invited by the United International Pictures (UIP), we are proud to jointly promote the new Star Trek movie here in Singapore!

Special Pass

I didn’t attend for the 1st preview, which opens on last April, the 29th. I was caught up in my schedule, and so decided to volunteer for the 2nd one. The actual day for the movie to be release for the public is on May 8th. So far, last Monday the 4th was my 2nd time to watch the movie, after my 1st one which I’ve seen it during the trip to Malaysia. Not only that, those who had ordered the new Star Trek – Starfleet uniform that were brought back from the Malaysia trip shall received on that day upon payment.

Here a sample picture:

starfleet uniform

Few more trekkies who had volunteered for the day shows up. Both James and Janice were already at scene, but both had worn the Singapore Star Trek Polo-T. To me, they were more like special appearances. Hehe=D They shall be distributing the uniforms and be minders. Not to mention, the hosts for this event =)

And finally, I can wore my new Starfleet uniform on. Not bad. Not bad at all, as I told myself when admiring the new look from the mirror. Its a little tight at first, especially the inner piece, as my uniform comes in two.

starfleet uniform

But within seconds, after some adjustment here and there, the uniform were well adapt to my body structure. Awesome! =D

Furthermore, both James and Janice will not be watching the movie, but will lead in the guests as hosts of the event. Besides, they already know how the movie goes about and comes around =D

Now here’s what I don’t really expected. James had brought along his Spock mask, and had wanted me to wear it on. I was like….???? Me? “Yes, you!” James exclaimed excitedly. I was reluctant at first, as I always prefer the Borg than a Vulcan, as what I had wore the Borg half-mask during the recent Chingay event. But telling me to wear the Borg mask in the new starfleet uniform seems unapproved. Because in the Star Trek universe, the Borg made its first appearance on Star Trek – The Next Generation. The only mask that suits to the new uniform so far was the Vulcan, as what the character Spock, had appeared.

In the end, I took the bait =D Of course, I had to endure the pressure that will boiled once the mask had enveloped my face. If the others had experienced it for a few hours, so can I =D Let’s just say, I ought to try something new for that day. But I’m still stick to my all-time favourite character, which is the Borg! =D

Now, here comes another surprised. James had allowed me to carried the new prop, phaser gun that were featured in the new movie. He had ordered this together with the uniforms. Also added with the new prop, tricoder (a term coined in the Star Trek universe as been used by starfleet), which also referred as a scanning device, and were issued to another trekkie. By the looks of it, this all-new phaser gun is much more dynamic, compare to its older versions, and been featured as a two-way motion attack mode. When the nozzle were lighted “blue” it means “stun” mode. When it was lighted “red” it means “frag.” And this is where, the weapon were set to kill…

Of course, one must take note as to handle the prop carefully. “Cause once its dropped and broken, its considered sold.”

More trekkies participating for that day’s preview shows up, and our tickets that were attached together with the nicely delicate preview pass were handed to us. Moments later, guests for the preview starts to pour in. We welcome them in high spirits. Of course, my presense there as Spock was been captured the most. Hehe…=) Its obvious, isn’t it, when you were dressed up as an alien character =D

And as expected, few journalists soon make their presence. Before this, James had nominate four trekkies to be interviewed, and I happened to be one of them. I’ve never been interview by the media before. But I do felt thrill about being place in the spotlight of sheer entertainment. Hehe..=D

However, I still had to remain as Spock while been interviewed. That means I have to speak a little louder cause what the reporter heard was only mumbling……

Next, a photographer will take a few shots of me. This is cool! Me as Spock will most likely ended up in the papers. Same goes to the rest who were been interviewed. Man! Talk about LimeLight! Haha! =D

Of course, no one can resist this when fans of Star Trek approaches you and wanted to take photos with you. The babes are the most. Hehe…;D

The time slot shown on my ticket for the movie will commence at 2100hrs. However, some of us were given at the earliest time. Well, makes no difference for the movie anyway. Hah! =D

Once I get a medium-size popcorn and a coke, I proceed into the cinema. I still had my Spock mask on!

And the stares I get, while walking towards my seat, does thrills me. The excitement does “shiver” down my spine, as Spock was seen entering the cinema. Haha! =D

Of course, I had to take it out once I settled down. Finally, fresh air! That cool feeling from the air conditioning system breeze against my sweaty face was refreshing! Besides, I need to eat my popcorn also. Hehe…=)





The movie soon ends, and we all soon disembarked from the cinema.

Now, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls! This is where we spend the remaining hours photographing!

Star Trek Preview

Star Trek Preview

Star Trek Preview

Star Trek Preview

Star Trek Preview

Star Trek Preview


  1. Fortress Guy says:

    Nice uniforms.

    I did like that dynamic action on the phasers as you said.

    In the new Abrams continuity, I suppose they could introduce the borg any time they want now.

    Here is my take on the movie with lots o’ pics if you are interested:

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