Kuala Lumpur Via Genting: 3 Days, 2 Nights

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Captain’s log                         Stardate: 62862.4 (May 11th, 2009)

As recorded previously…

<Phone rings….>


“Hello Ariffin, James here. How are you?”

“Ah James, I’m fine. The usual, I guess.”

“Hahaha! Ok Ariffin, here’s what. I’m now assigning you on an away mission.”

“An away mission?”

“That’s right. We are going to KL!”

One week ago, on May 1st – stardate 62834.3, four trekkies, James, Janice (James’s wife), Md.Ariffin (Me) and Jeremy were embarked on an away mission to Malaysia. It was been announced in the forum as stated below:

“Away Mission to STAR TREK Movie Premiere at KL

The Malaysia Trekkies will be organizing their Star Trek Movie Gala Premiere at 1-Utama S.C. in KL on 1 May 2009 (Labour Day)

As invited by our M’sia counterparts, we’d beam down a small Away Team (comprised of Dr EMH (James), Superstar (Janice), Lanman (Jeremy), Captainphoton24 (Me) to join force with them for an away mission

Here’s our itinerary:

1 May 09 (Fri): Luxury coach fr S’p to KL 1-Utama (9am-2.30pm). Check-in at 1-World Hotel, and join our counterparts at 1-Utama next door. Collect our Star Trek new uniforms + props, dress up as ST costumers, and enjoy the movie premiere at night.

2 May 09 (Sat): After check-out from hotel, we will take a 1-hr bus ride from 1-Utama to Genting Highland! =D Check-in at First World Hotel @ Genting, courtesy by Dr EMH & Superstar. Free-and-easy, own time own target! =D

3 May 09 (Sun): Depart Genting at 1.30pm. Halfway will stop to shop for local products and souvenirs. Reading S’p abt 8pm-9m if traffic permits at 2nd Courseway”

I’m just glad that I managed to get my leave approved for this one. Besides, I never travel with friends before. I admit, this is my first time travel with them, and I ought to learn from the experience once in a lifetime.

We will be staying there for three days, two nights. Our first night will be in Kuala Lumpur. Then our last two days we will be hanging out at Genting Highland. At KL, we gonna meet one of the Malaysia trekkies, named Richard Si whom I get to know him when he was visiting Singapore together with his family somewhere last year. On top of that, he had managed to prepare for us the brand new Star Trek uniform, that were seen in the latest Star Trek movie. Previously, James had established the order through the forum, and about 18 trekkies had ordered it. Once done, James had proposed them all to Richard to get it verified. I had to admit, the uniform was cool. Held much of a resemblances to the older ones, that were seen from the old Star Trek series from the 50s.

Day 1
Stardate: 62834.3 (May 1st, 2009)
Time: 0900hrs

We meet up at Golden Mile, which was located within the vicinity of Beach Road. Our bus will therefore leave at 0930hrs. Other than that, this is where majority all the coaches going to the other side of the causeway were held as their designated pick-up point. Not to mention, the number of travel agencies there. So its pretty obvious.

Errr…I forgot what’s the name of our coach. But its a luxury double decker, that comes with a mobile TV screen been built into the back of the chair facing you. Like those that were found in aeroplanes. And the seat were worth accommodating. The deck is spacious and comfy enough to enjoy a long, smooth and relaxing journey =D

The Singapore Flyer and the view of the sea along the way…



By the time we had passed few of the checkpoints to get our passport stamp, our thumbprint verified and our bags checked, it was already 1100, as according to my watch. And here’s where many of us would expected once you have landed on the other side.

Traffic jam. The two words, that says it all!

Well, what can you possibly do; but just go with the flow. Not point being pushy. Besides, there’s a saying to this: “Expect the unexpected.” Get it? =D

Finally, after what seems like hours, our coach were back on warp speed! Errr…..I mean, back on cruising smoothly along the highway. And by the time it had escape from the mess earlier, it was 1215hrs.

Minutes later, the bus stops at one part of the location. Can’t remember the exact name of it, but this is one of the many usual spot for tourist to have their meal as their break. Been here before, as what I can remember. At the same time, they can spend on some souvenirs there as well.

Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur

Moments later, we are on the road again. Seated back against the soft padding of my chair, and with the music from my Sony MP3 player booms in my ears, I began to gazed out of the glass window, where the field of plantations, kampongs whizzed past. Its a greenery of lush at every corner, and the hills over the horizon were just hard to miss. Valleys after valleys, the sight of the old golden days does brings back memories. When comes to drive down this road, there’s always the feeling of freedom from both sides. Its like one appears on both sides of the mirror. No matter where you were at this edge, there you were be, again =)

Moments later, we emerged into the city. The heart of the capital which was Kuala Lumpur.

The Twin Towers of Petronas from the distance..

Twin Towers

The bus soon reached to a terminal which was within the vicinity of Pasar Rakyat. This is where the passengers will disembarked as their destination ends. However, not for us trekkies, as the coach will still take us to our actual designated point. And by the time we moved off again, the time was somewhere around 1550hrs.

Nearly half an hour later, we reached One World Hotel. However, the bus didn’t exactly stopped at the front door that leads towards the hotel lobby. But instead somewhere at the back where there’s an office been manned by few travel agencies. So we have to drag ourselves with our bags through a shopping department as it kind of linked to the hotel ground. Direction to get there hang overheard to the ceiling. Despite that, we are kind of lost at first. But after a while, we managed to get out of the maze.

Soon greeted us was a spacious lobby with a generous furnishing of their smooth lining and texture. A classic song from the 50s dazzle across this grand majestic hall. On one side, were columns of cushions been arranged at certain locations within that particular area as to capture a splendid view of the dine and the world outside =D

Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur

Once James managed to get the keys to our rooms, we immediately hurried up. The reason why, cause James had promised our Malaysian Star Trek counterparts that we shall be joining them to catch the preview of the new Star Trek movie. On top of that, we had arrived late, as the preview starts somewhere at 1900hrs, if I’m not mistaken. We are supposed to be reaching at the hotel by 1400hrs, as what was been stated from the itinerary. So that we could have our rest, enough time to freshen up before heading for the preview. As I would believe, due to the traffic jam earlier. But we can’t never know, can we?

And so, we headed up to the fifth floor where our rooms were located. James and Janice share one room while Jeremy and I from another. We burst straight in, and was greeted with such an accomodating welcome and with a perfect view =D How splendid!

Hotel Room

Hotel Room

I didn’t know that hotels nowadays supply this…..

Kuala Lumpur

Once we had dropped our bags, we change into our Star Trek Singapore-version polo T-shirt as to represent ourselves as Singapore Trekkies. We did a quick freshen up before hurried down towards the lobby where James and Janice will be waiting.

Now here comes where I thought of digging a hole and buried myself there as long as I wished. Cause I didn’t heard anything from James mentioning about wearing boots. I still had my sport shoes on, though. Reason why, cause we gonna get our Starfleet uniforms today, and will be most likely wearing it. All the characters in the movie were seen wearing boots. So we might as well matches as to what was been seen.

So, here I go. Running back to my room to get my boots. Damn! I should have wear them before I left my house.

Once done, I rushed down to the lobby. James seems to had some difficulty in getting some direction (as I would presume from the looks of it) in how to get to the cinema. He did called few of the Malaysian trekkies for help. Isn’t it easier if one of them could just come down to the lobby and guide us there?

True enough, one of them really did. Named Jason, and he was dressed in a Starfleet uniform that was been featured in the new movie. After James had introduced the rest of us to him, Jason began to lead the way towards the cinema.

But we are not going there first. Jason had led us to one location of the mall where a Star Trek event was held. There, a large number of crowd was gathered, with one of the Malaysia trekkies explaining something to the fans and media through a microphone. More of the Malaysia trekkies were there, and I feel proud to get to know them. It counts by every introduction and its always been a pleasure to meet a trekkie from another country =D

Compliments from our Malaysia trekkies!

Star Trek fans

Star Trek fans

Now, here comes the most amazing part. One of the trekkies there had his car been “modified.” Besides earning the well-known “NCC…..” that were use for the plate number, he also had those warp nacelles been attached to the rear of the car! Check this out!

Star Trek car

FASCINATING! Hmmm…..I wonder if the car could engage warp speed…=D

Star Trek car

Star Trek car

Man! I really wish we can also installed those to our local cars too. But I doubt the Land Transport Authority (LTA) will approve those. They might ended up thinking it’s some sort of a weapon…..haha! =D

Moments later, Jason lead us to the last floor of the mall, where the cinema is located. And you better believe it, cause James had brought along his “Spock” mask with him as he had intended to put it on as a special attraction for the trekkies here! How delightful!

Jason and James

Oh yes, about our Starfleet uniform, James had decided we should not wear them on that day, as they are still unpacked in the boxes. So we just have to stick around in our Star Trek polo-T.

There we were. The crowd expanding. James as a “Spock” character quickly started to become a star attraction. The adrenaline is rushing. And the excitement were just unforgettable! =D

The free passes for the preview was been given to us and we were soon soaring in through the cinema hall. But before we grabbed to our seat, we have to be screened by security. Just to make sure there are no other concealed items found besides the handphone and camera if any.

We soon made it through and into the cinema. Ok, I pause here, as it can be a spoiler if I reveal the truth behind the new movie. Especially to those who have yet to watch. The only thing I can say is that, as in my own observation and choice of words, I would rate this movie 10 out of 10! You see it, and you will know! =D






The movie soon ends, and we head back to the location where we first meet the Malaysia trekkies to get our uniforms. But before that, we were given access to a room there where it was been decorated with Star Trek images and props. And one of the props, that Star Trek fans found it so hard to resist, and that our intention was to allow ourselves to feel the comfort as we maneuver it side by side by his swiveling motion. Yes, its the Captain’s chair =)

You can feel that you are the utmost center of attraction. Feels so much like as though you are sitting on a King’s throne. You had the view all around you, at your disposal. At the same time, your fingers will started running across the controls located on the armrest. Cause you are in command!

Captain's chair Captain's chair Captain's chair

Next, we head down to the basement of the mall, where there’s an oval-shape room that reminds me of an escape pod found in starships. Inside, is where Star Trek merchandise owns by the Malaysia trekkies were kept, and that one of the boxes there contained the Starfleet uniforms that we, Singapore trekkies had ordered. There’s also a few props that were featured in the new movie. James had included them as well, as part of our prop collection to be use for any of our future costume event. Cool!


Heads-Up Display =D


We had the box filled with our goodies bring back to the hotel, and be kept inside the room occupied by both James and his wife. Once all secured, we proceed down to the lobby again, where Malaysia trekkie, Jason had invite us for dinner at one place, not far away from the hotel. Known as “MySciFiFan Outpost” James mentioned that he had been here before, and the rest of us are yet to see it. According to Jason, this is where the Malaysia trekkies, including fans from other sci-fiction shows will hang out as the place there were designed to be one.

And WOW! It was truly an eye opener! It was indeed, a place for sci-fiction lovers, as the name had stated. Many of the toys there were up for sale. And most surprisingly, the staff there were all dressed in Starfleet uniforms that were seen in the latest Star Trek movie. Awesome! If you asked me, I would rather called it, a Sci-Fiction Cafe =D

Sci-Fiction cafe

Sci-Fiction cafe
We spend there for about an hour and a half. The whole night we joked, laughed about, and at the same time, discussing on the casting, story telling, and effects that were seen in the new movie while happily eating our meal. This was truly, an unforgettable night to remember =D

Some photos taken here before we disembarked.

MySciFiFan outpost

MySciFiFan outpost

Jason send us back to our hotel. From there onwards, its our rest and easy. Finally, a long break at last!


Day 2
Stardate: 62836.9 (May 2nd, 2009)
Time: 0800hrs

A new day broke the dawn. My watch displayed the 0800hrs exactly. One hour and a half-later, we gonna head down for breakfast as James had requested the time the day before. Jeremy was already hitting the showers. So I remain flat on my bed while I wait for him to finish.

Once both of us had freshen up, we visited James and Janice, where all four of us head down to the hotel restaurant for breakfast. And its a free breakfast, cause James had paid it as a whole package =D

A classic song greeted us as we stepped into this luxurious restaurant. The delicious aroma of breakfast catches us into the net and our mouth waters. So what are we waiting for? Once we choose a place, we whacked the entire buffet there. Well, not really…haha! =D


Enough drooling? Hehe…=P

Picture taken by one of the staff. Thanks dude! Very much appreciated =D


Fascinating. Intriguing. Impressive. All of the above =D


Later, Malaysian trekkie Jason will meet us as he had promised to welcome us to his house and give us a tour around. Once we had clear the table, we head back to the lobby. While on the way there, James received a call. Its Jason, and that he had already arrived and will wait for us at the lobby. Perfect timing =D But first, we had to pack our stuff as we are checking out today. As mentioned before for that day, we will set a course towards Genting Highlands! =D Frankly speaking, I’m really looking forward for this one. Its been about seven years since my last visit there. I remember looking up at those mountains while the coach makes its way up the twisting slope. Looking up at those clouds that covered half of the tallest buildings up there. Remember how the surrounding had turned pretty foggy as we escalated further into the City of Entertainment. As it is sometimes informally known as the Las Vegas of Malaysia, because of its wide range of casinos, and had earned the title as Asia’s Best International Casino Resort. A perfect getaway spot for people like James and Janice as they were attracted to it. How hard can it be missed, when they are one of the many regular customers betting on big money =D

Anyway, we were soon inside Jason’s car as he took us on a ride to his house. The weather on that day was a blazing heat! Moments later, we reached his place, which was a four-storey terrace. According to him, many of the houses here, including his, had just finished renovations. A few of them were currently undergoing renovations. Apart from that, this part of the residential estate are starting to expand.

Jason's house

Jason gave the full tour of his home, where he also introduced us his wife, their three kids and their maid. They also had a dog, which seems very excited upon seeing visitors, and ironically, even sniffed at our socks for that matter…

Jason lead us all the way to the roof of the house. It was linked to a balcony, and had the perfect view of the capital city. Furthermore, this is where Jason had use this available space for any of his barbeque occasions, as he had set up a barbeque pit up there.

Jason's house

Moments later, Jason invite us to his favourite eating house where we have our meals before moving on to our next destination which is Genting. His wife came along as well. Another Malaysia trekkie named Richard had also joined us, but he was already at the coffeeshop before we arrived.

The food there was excellent. Especially their fried Maggie Mee that few of us had ordered. And added with chunks of chicken cut into smaller pieces, the taste were just hard to resist =D

We had truly enjoyed a good time there, before James announced that its time to go, cause he happened to realized that we are running a bit of time left. Our coach is schedule to move off 1330hrs, and were located at the back of the hotel, where there’s the travel agencies been situated.

But then…..





Our coach is moving away. We are about seven minutes late, as according to my watch. Quickly, Jason, Jeremy and myself chase after the bus, while James and the rest bring out our stuff from Jason’s car. We managed to stop the driver. On behalf of James, Jason handed the driver our tickets and for confirmation as well. He did checked our tickets alright, but only been told to get another coach, as we are already late. No matter how upsetting we may sound, the driver won’t budge. And the next thing we get, was the bus door closes in infront of our face!

Ok, James was not too happy about this from what I can tell. But what can we do? We managed to stop the bus, but only been shoo away to get another bus. The next one kicks off at 1400hrs. Its only half an hour away and we just have to be quick to get another ticket. We can still make it though.

All was soon been forgiven. Jason even joked, that we should have put the Vulcan salute to the bus driver, which was a hand gesture used by Vulcans in the Star Trek universe. It involves holding the palm of one’s right hand outwards while placing the fingers in a “V” shaped by separating the middle and ring fingers, while keeping the others together. Here’s an example =D

Vulcan salute

Jason claimed like as in, “Who knows, he might change his mind and let us in.” Yeah right, for sure. Like that would happened. Hah! =D

We thank both Jason and Richard for the help and the left. And moments later, we are onboard our next coach and were soon soaring across the highway =)

Photos taken along the way.

On the way there....

On the way there....

Once again, I had my favourite songs upload into my Sony MP3 booms in my ears while relaxing on the journey ahead, which was a one hour ride by estimation. There’s a saying to this, which I had picked from the Straits Times some time ago. “The only way to avoid boredom, is to find the right way to kill boredom.” Sounds catching to you? =D

And there it is…

Genting Highlands

As been informed by the bus driver, the bus will terminate at the Genting Highlands Cable Car Terminal, which also refer as Genting Skyway. There, we shall embarked on a cable car that will take us all the way to First World Hotel. But James stated that we are not going to ride one. Reason? Because of the queue, which can last up to an hour. Second, what thought to be linked from one end to another wasn’t really what it supposed to be. James had mentioned something about some passageway from inside the cable car terminal. The direction says it was linked from this point to the next. But upon seeing it, the passageway appeared rather jagged. Not really in a straight line at all, and it can be really troublesome for some, especially those with big luggages that they have to drag them up through the flight of steps and within seconds, came across another. Both James and Janice been here many times, and already had the clear picture in mind. As such, the only way to get there fast, was to take a cab. And there are available at the terminal itself =D

We are soon on the move again =)

Genting Highlands

Here comes the fog, which appeared to gets thicker as we advance along this twisted road.

Genting Highlands

As according to studies, Genting Highlands enjoys a spring-like climate, with temperatures no higher than 25°C and rarely falling below 14°C yearly. The temperature in Genting Highlands ranges from 16°C to 24°C all year round. You could already feel the sudden wind brushing against your skin. Even if it means sitting inside the cab. The memories that I had came here seven years ago flashback on me…

The fog’s getting thicker. It reminds me of the horror movie, The Fog. Looks pretty much the same as I can tell =D And Jeremy do had his own picture in mind, that this natural climate reminds him of the Bermuda Triangle. Get the picture? hehe..=D

After what seems like hours moving through the thick cold clouds, we finally reached First World Hotel. Based on history record, the hotel is the largest in the world by rooms. It comprises Tower 1 and Tower 2, each with 28 floors, and has a total of 6,118 rooms. It is one of the five hotels located in Genting Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia, along with Genting Hotel, Theme Park Hotel, Highlands Hotel and Resort Hotel. The hotel is managed by First World Hotel and Resorts Sdn.Bhd, one of two major companies operating at Genting Highlands resort (the other is Genting Resorts World Bhd). The resort can be reached by the Genting Skyway which is the world’s fastest and Southeast Asia’s longest cable car, which travels at 6 meters per second. Utimately, by December 18, 2006, the hotel earns its title inside the Guinness World Resorts as the world’s largest, complex hotel by the numbers of room. Not by its size of built up area. Impressive! =o

First World Hotel

Some photos from inside the hotel. Not to mention, one hell of a grand lobby!

First World Hotel First World Hotel First World Hotel

Once we get the keys to our rooms, we make our way there. Unlike our rooms back at One World Hotel, where both were located on the same level, ours down here were one level after the other. The room where both Jeremy and I shall be occupied were located on the 26th floor, while James and his wife were just one floor above us. Not much of a difference anyway =D

View from above…


This time, our room were kind of small. James was right when he mentioned about the hotel here when we were on the coach, that there’s nothing much or special about the rooms. A simple one, but cosy enough for a peaceful night =) But worse of all, our view was been blocked by another section of the building…=(

First World Hotel

As promise, James will show both Jeremy and myself about the casino here. Its one hell of a big one and was currently expanding, as according to James. Furthermore, he had advised me to bring my passport along, as those police officers guarding the entry of the casinos might asked me for it. Reason, what that Malaysia Muslims were banned from entering the place. However, Muslims from neighbouring countries were accessible. That’s why the passport must be in hand to confirm. Its like as though, “Oh, I can’t be bothered with outsiders.” Just a little humor here, to add up the spices =D And of course, taking photos are STRICLY FORBIDDEN.

Believe me, I have never seen so many dazzling lights. And you could say that this is my first time I had stepped into a casino. I had only watch them on television, but never get to see one in real life. Well, that day I had my chance. But of course, I’m not a gambler. I’m just there on the tour as James shows us around =D Janice had gone off alone to her favourite betting game, while James took Jeremy and I on a tour. He even showed us how the roolet was played, by the different settings as the game progress. Interesting really, but seriously, I had no intention to gamble =)

There’s the common sight of those jackpots, roolet, bingo, blackjack, you named it. The entertainment down here was always on the high alert, as to dedicated to millions of enthusiastic casino players around the world. Reminds me of Las Vegas though I’ve never been there. But compare to here, Las Vegas was like a powerful combat ring of competitors as to capture huge amount of cash by every move and angle.

Then James took us to another side of the casino. This one was located directly on the upper level of the building. According to James, this one is much more larger, and more like an arena. Wow! Never thought I said this, but this entire gaming for cash was like a fortress overcrowded with fortune!

We avenue through an indoor theme park. The fun down here was an huge entertainment. Furthermore, the cold from outside had the wind bursting in! Don’t mind that at all, cause its worth the icy feeling! =D

Genting Genting Genting

After what seems like an endless flight of escalator, we reached another part of this grand casino. This immense size seems endless! It branches from every corner, spreading throughout like an open space. This network of sheer entertainment just keep expanding their range of cash been brought out. This is exciting!

I was more interested in the blackjack. I watched with interest from one of the tables as the game progress. Though I have no intention of gambling, I do learn something new about the game. That the “House” usually wins =D On top of that, I’ve never seen one in real life, let alone seen them on TV. I’m surprised that I had turned interested into it. But please, once again, I WON’T gamble!

We’ve soon caught up with Janice betting at one of the tables. James join in, getting some of the chips and adding them up with some of his wife’s. They spend for about several minutes before they abort the game. Not because they had lost, but James had promised us dinner =D

We had curry fish head, as James had recommended us to try out this excellent dish. A unique way to the taste; just like home-cooked food =D

Janice wanted to had another round of blackjack after dinner. I was like….again!? James was right. His wife was really ambitious when comes to blackjack! The rest of us headed back to our rooms. Both Jeremy and I were completely worn out, and decided to take the next flight to dreamland. For James, he had decided to nap for a few hours before joining his wife for another round somewhere after midnight. He was actually itching for those jackpots at the same time. Well, as the saying goes. As the going gets tough, the tough gets going! =D

Day 3
Stardate: 62839.7 (May 3rd, 2009)
Time: 0830hrs

The end of the day where we shall be packing up and leave for Singapore. Now here’s the huge surprise when we heard from James first thing in the morning, that Janice had dominate the clock till next morning while still challenging blackjack!


The whole night!!? Wow!! She’s really a die-hard fan of blackjack! Indeed, even James couldn’t stopped her. Hah! =D It was like as though some kind of an energy field, or refer as forcefield were been erected at every entry of the casino, thus prevented her to escape until someone managed to override the access code. A little Star Trek introduction just to beat the odds. Hehe….=D

Definitely, when comes to breakfast, she will stop =) And in case you were wondering, both husband and wife do earned a lot of cash. Enough to cover the cost for the last trip. We went to the same restaurant where we had our dinner the night before. Those fried rice that I’ve ordered were excellent.

Once done, we went back to our rooms to pack our stuff. We were schedule to leave at 1330hrs. James will called us through the phone in our room once all were packed from his side.

Both Jeremy and I spend the next few hours exploring the place outside, while both James and Janice head back to their games. Yeah, surprised that they had it again, isn’t it? =D Finally! Both of us managed to experience what its like to be at somewhere zero degrees! Well, not really, or we would be frozen into large ice cubes! =D

We had entered through a foggy surrounding, and sooner or later, we can see puff of smoke coming out of our mouth when we spoke or breathe. Yes! I see vapour! =D

Check out some of the photos taken…

Genting Genting Genting Genting Genting

We were out there in the cold for several minutes before coming back in, where I treat Jeremy for a drink at Starbucks that was located there.


Moments later, we head back to our room. Both James and his wife were still in the casino, as I may presume. Once we had our stuff packed, we spend the remaining day’s ahead watching TV……..before James called us up to meet at the lobby. It is time..

Once we had check out, we visited Starbucks, where James treat us for a splendid taste of those cakes and milkshakes. If I had know that James is going to treat us here, both Jeremy and I wouldn’t have come here in the first place. Haha! =D

Soon, we are set to go. James managed to get the tickets, and in a few minutes, we are boarding our coach. After the last preparation made by the driver, the coach were on a course towards Singapore. Too bad I had missed those theme parks. Thought of trying one of them, but never really had time since we ended up gluing our eyes on cash instead! Haha!=D




A six to seven hour journey, with two stops in-between. It was somewhere at 2200hrs when we reached Tuas checkpoint, Singapore. And this is where tension seems to be on the high when comes to the departure area where our bags shall be screened. I hate to be the nosey type, but what I see on that night does surprised me! Once the coaches stops, all passengers rushes in like some stampede towards the terminal gates. I was even knock from behind by this old aunty and she didn’t even apologise. I nearly gave her a piece of my mind! What’s with all the rush!!? In the end, they still have to wait for their coaches, that takes nearly an hour! It really pisses me off!

Ok, enough said of this crammy behaviour. No offence to anyone either. We were soon moving off again. The coach happened to alight near Jurong MRT, and from there, both Jeremy and I each took a cab home. Both James and Janice lived within this residential estate. Lucky for them though. Hah! =D The train still operates around this time, but I really need to get home fast, despite living on the east side of Singapore.

Overall, the three day two nights at KL via Genting sure is a blast. Especially at Genting, as I once again had stepped into the City of Entertainment after not visiting it for the past seven years. And I do, wanted to visit there again =)

Signing off.


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