Starfleet (Star Trek) Uniform

Posted: April 30, 2009 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                       Stardate: 62831.5 (April 30th, 2009)

Went to meet one of the trekkies (Star Trek fans) named Fahmi today as he had decided to give me his Starfleet uniform which he doesn’t want it anymore as it had outgrown him. He’s been putting on weight, as far as I can tell. But at the same time, been going to the gym during his free time. He’s the type of a workout dude, like many other fit people who will considered the gym as their personal battlefield. So there’s a balance to it. But not his uniform =D And of course, I’m willing to pay the prize, which was $150.

I actually had asked him about it, when we recce Pasir Ris Park some time ago. Previously heard from the others, that the uniform could no longer fit him due to his change of body built over the years. He couldn’t agreed more to it, as he himself had nearly ripped the uniform when he try to put it on. Guess he have to tailor-made another one just to suit him nicely. On top of that, he’s planning to clear his wardrobe, as according to him. Probably make way for some branded new clothes. Hehe..=D

As planned, I meet him at the designated point within the area where I lived earlier that late afternoon. Before long, I had him to compromised, that I will only pay him if the uniform fits me, which I believe most likely, it will. I’m not much of a built size, compare to him. Furthermore, its similar to what I have, except in the change of colour. While mine top half of the suit is red-in-colour, Fahmi’s one is gray, and added with some stroking pattern drawn to it. This type has been featured in Star Trek, Deep Space Nine series. As well as the previous Star Trek movies, which is First Contact, Insurrection and Nemesis. For mine, was first been featured in the seventh movie, which is Generations. Then followed by Deep Space Nine series, as well as Voyager series.

Frankly speaking, I was actually intend to tailor-made the gray-coloured type somewhere in the future. With two Starfleet uniforms, I can switched one after another for any future events. So it wouldn’t be kind of boring for me. Besides that, it can be a little tight on the budget, so I was currently saving up for it.

And guess what? The uniform fits me nicely. Yes!! =D Looks like I don’t have to tailor-made another one, since this one has already been given, and that I only have to pay Fahmi the right prize. Thanks dude!

starfleet uniform

But this two ain’t be my last collection. Cause majority of us were still expecting the new Star Trek uniform that were seen in the upcoming and all-new Star Trek movie that shall be hitting the cinemas here very soon. It was been established in our forum some time ago, and the orders had been piled up. I’ll be keeping on the update for this very soon =D

  1. Hi my name is Nicholas Baker I would like one of those uniforms.

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