Boy Or Girl..Make A Guess..

Posted: April 21, 2009 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                       Stardate: 62806.9 (April 21th, 2009)

Yo peeps! When you travel in a bus or the train, sometimes you just can’t help eavesdropping. Its just so happened, and that you can’t seem to let those ears go loose =D Heard this from a dude, when I was in Perth, Australia on a family vacation and thought of bring it forward to my log. And so happened it does have a ring to this topic. “There is nothing like an interesting piece of news or conversation to accomodate you as you waste away in the heat.” Or somesort like that…..

A colleague of mine ever told me, traveling on the subway when he was in New York, he was treated to some raw drama, that it was like living in a city overcrowded with actors (Reminds me of the hilarious movie: Joe’s Apartment). In Singapore, there is perhaps not so much drama, but our antenna can picked up some interesting quips.

I overheard this on the bus, just few days ago while heading home after reporting off-duty. This exchange between two excitable women seated behind me.

Lady 1: “Eh guess what? Mrs Tan just give birth leh.”

Lady 2: “Wah! Really ah? Boy or girl?”

Lady 1: “Make a guess?”

Lady 2: “Boy.”

Lady 1: “Wrong! Make another guess.”

Lady 2: “Girl.”

Lady 1: “Right! Eh, how come you’re so clever at guessing.”

Silly indeed…..perhaps. So how often do we consciously listen to the stuff that spills from the mouth? As to my topic, was like as though there’s been a “third party” besides the boy and the girl…

  1. ToM says:

    Wow! Like a radar scan! hehe…Yeah, u were right about one thing though =D

  2. Cmdr Ryan says:

    Too obvious, isn’ it dude? haha! But quite interesting, really.

  3. Daphne says:

    Yup, me too! =D Sometimes I couldn’t help the fact that I was so engrossed to it. hee..=D

  4. Azli_19 says:

    wahahaha! Tell me about it. The last time I happened to ease drop was a group of girls seated at the back and were talking about…..better not say it..

  5. starlog 27 says:

    Hmm…..subway eh. Though you were referring to the restaurant. Hah! =D

  6. HaZ says:

    To Cmdr Ryan:
    Hah! Definitely for some. hehe..=D

    To Daphne:
    Be careful with that. You don’t wanna get a case of kpoing. hah!

    To Azli:
    I think I know what you mean..=p

  7. I know,probably some trannys born.

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