Where The Sun Never Sets….

Posted: April 20, 2009 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                           Stardate: 62804.1 (April 20th, 2009)

The local Singapore Star Trek fans, or refer as “trekkies” will be having a chalet this coming June, from the 12th to the 15th. Organized by trekkie Fahmi, the upcoming one will be held at Costa Sands Resort, Pasir Ris Park. There are two of them. One is CSR Downtown East which lies between Escape Theme Park and Wild Wild Wet. The other is CSR Pasir Ris. Fahmi had chosen the Pasir Ris side. Sometime ago, he had posted the website link of Downtown East through our Star Trek forum where it shows how the chalet looks like from inside-out. Quite accomodating and comfy, I must say =) Apart from that, this will be my second chalet with the local trekkies, after enjoyed my first one which was at East Coast Park somewhere last year December 08. The games especially, and I hope our founder James Lee will set up another round of Bingo – Star Trek version. Really love that game! I was so close to winning somewhere at the last round. Despite that, I just have to rely on this, it’s not about winning or losing. Its all about having a good time and enjoy yourself! =D

As expected, Fahmi had decided to recce the park before the day arrives. I just knew he gonna plan to do this. The same as what we had did at East Coast.


Yup, you guess it right.

Seeking thrillers in sightings of paranormal activities.

Before I begin, in case any of my friends from our local paranormal group were reading this, I assure you guys that this has NOTHING to do with our type of recce or investigation or whatsoever. We are NOT doing in the name of our paranormal group. Furthermore, I am aware that there’s been a report within our paranormal file, that certain areas of the park were refer as “hot spots.” We had also done this when we recce East Coast Park. Once again, this has NOTHING to do with our paranormal group. We just love to seek the thrills and chills to ourselves. Hehe…=D

Anyway, I knew Fahmi would wanted me to tag along. Well, since I had nothing much to do, why not joined in for a little adventure across Downtown East? Apart from that, I’m always keen for the outdoors, and it’s been quite for some time since my last visit here…

This one happened yesterday, stardate 62800.9 (April 19th, 2009). We planned to meet at Pasir Ris MRT station before 1400hrs. From there, we boarded a bus towards our destination. I’m quite surprised that its only a mile away, and that we can actually proceed there on foot. One stop ahead, that is.

Pasir Ris Park

Some time ago, I had checked through the local paranormal website which stated the “hot spots” within the vicinity of the park. If you ever observed it carefully, Pasir Ris Park was divided into 3 sections. The middle area, as according from the report made, was the “hot spot.” But not just any middle area. Based from the pictures been posted, there appears to be a wooded area. Somewhere inside there, was the Bird Watching Tower. So far, I have never came across that wooded area nor the tower itself. And rumor has it, that the tower and its surrounding vicinity had came about to have sightings of paranormal activities….

Exact location been edited from the map….

Pasir Ris Park

Sounds too good to be true, apart from the so-called Red House that everybody is talking about. Nevertheless, we gonna checked the place out.

To my friends from the local paranormal group……..should I need to repeat the same sentence again?

In the first place, we ended up going around like as though the place was one hell of a maze! But sooner or later, we managed to find the exit. Hah! =D At the same time, Fahmi decided to show where our chalet was located.

Our route taken….

Pasir Ris Park

I grabbed this along the way..hehe

Pasir Ris Park

Soon, we came across a boardwalk that leads in on what appears to be, the woods.

Pasir Ris Park

So far, I never seen this side of the park before. Not even Fahmi himself. And as according to the information board that were placed at the entry, the Bird Watching Tower was somewhere inside…

Well, there’s only way to find out. Took a minute to realized that the path had lead us into somekind of a mangrove forest. Perhaps to bring visitors closer to the inhabitants of this mangrove community. How intriguing! =D

There’s a T-junction up ahead, and we followed right.

Caught sight of this along the way.

Pasir Ris

Then, what it seems to be, something came out kind of familiar from up ahead. The location is not that far from where we had started. And just as I thought, the view of the Bird Watching Tower came into focus.

Pasir Ris Park

As the name dictates, the tower is a perfect spot for the bird enthusiastic. As such, Fahmi bring out his personal EMF and started scanning the ground level. We doubt we will picked up something out of the ordinary at this time of day.

Pasir Ris Park

We proceed up the steps towards the top. The EMF surveying on Fahmi’s hand along the way.

View from the top….

Pasir Ris Park

Well, to be the least expected, there’s nothing unusual to concern about. Perhaps, when darkness falls, as to what I had suggested. Fahmi couldn’t agreed more to that, as to what we had observed from the so-called Yellow Tower located at East Coast. Whatever means, we ought to try it out! =D

Some pictures taken as we ventured deeper into the mangrove…

Pasir Ris Park Pasir Ris Park Pasir Ris Park Pasir Ris Park

The next one will be at Sungei Api Api Park, which was located within a residential compound and that is off the track from Pasir Ris Park. Obviously, there’s never been such paranormal activity going on here. We just spend the rest of the day recce the place out =)

Route taken…..

Pasir Ris Park

Well, I guess that’s it then. Both of us back track to where we had started, and from there we proceed to White Sands shopping mall for dinner. This time, by foot =)

Before I conclude, Fahmi had suddenly felt goosebumps at the back of his neck right after we exit from under this passageway that were linked with Sungei Api Api Park. But I didn’t feel anything. And he doesn’t like the way how he had felt it…

Pasir Ris Park

Now then, our recce here is completed. All ready for the next trekkie chalet! =D


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