Hearing It

Posted: April 8, 2009 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                            Stardate: 62771.3 (April 08th, 2009)

Before the needle hit the stroke of 12 noon, I left my house and proceed towards the Bedok MRT station where a colleague of mine is waiting for me there. He had promise me the day before, that he had decided to introduce me to this so-called Musician Jamming Studio located at Tampines. Not so much of a high-class like one of those “branded” studios in town, but one that use your own time own target in accomodating in whichever you prefer. As fancy as you want it to be. A make-your-own music studio in your residential area of course. My colleague had a friend there, who can give us access so that we can ROCK THE HOUSE DOWN!!!! Was itching for the drums actually. Hehe..=D



But before we embark for the music world, we first destinated towards Changi Airport. Reason? Cause my colleague had just brought a Nikon D700 Digital SLR Camera, and was tempted to take photos of the aeroplanes. He had fall in love with planes ever since at the young age, and had a showcase of them at home. Believe me, it was like a museum.

We were soon at Terminal Two. Moments later, I told him that I’ll be heading towards a bookstore, while he can carried on taking photos of the planes behind those towering glasses. He had managed to get a good view though, where a few A380s and some Boeing 747 was spotted. I therefore, see if there’s any of my favourite Calvin and Hobbies comic book, the latest one in store.

I pass by somekind of a small control room as I make way towards the escalator. There, I happened to catch a glimpse of an engineer, which I overheard him explaining some procedure to his staff. “……aircraft engine is running, the operator will not allowed to mate the aerobridge…..”

Does caught me a little bit of surprise there. An interesting and boldly vivid use of the word mate to mean join or dock, I thought. Can’t blame the fact that he had ended up using the word. Cause once, I used to hear how we “marry” things – in a sense. Now, we’ve gone a step ahead to mate them!

That reminds me, when I was on a family vacation in Australia three years ago. Get to know this downunder dude. Nice chap, and really fond of Star Trek like the way I am. Then came when we just stepped out from a comic book store, and he asked, “So, what’s next, mate?”


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