Back Online..

Posted: April 6, 2009 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                            Stardate: 62765.6 (April 06th, 2009)

Actually, I should have stated this some time ago, cause our local Star Trek forum is back online!


I wasn’t aware about this, until one of the trekkies, named Fahmi sms me, saying that the forum were now accessible. And that was about two weeks ago. Eventually, the message were been spread like wildfire, and all fingers are ready to scramble across the keyboard. Especially me, always been the enthusiastic type when comes to this. Can’t help the fact that, as what my local founder of Star Trek use to refer me as, one of the most talkative trekkie in the forum. Yeah, had to admit. That’s me =D

However, due to the reset, it appears that the forum seem to be running slow. Can take at least less than 30 seconds, or for some less than a minute to open up or response to a topic. But on the other hand, the moderators/admins had did what they could in bringing it back online. Thanks guys!

Surprisingly, new topics were freshly posted, and the process of assimilation was scrambling. Despite how slowed it turned out to be. But of course, the response to how efficient the server could never be a compromise. Technical fault is mainly the expression as what we can figured it out. At a stand point, it does leaves the interpretation field open for that matter. Nevertheless, we can now looked forward for any future events and topics that were yet to be posted =)

  1. Joran says:

    heh, i got post that it’s up ah.. =]

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