Come And Go….

Posted: April 3, 2009 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                           Stardate: 62757.6 (April 03th, 2009)

After seeing one of the members from the local paranormal group, as I had to return back my ID pass used for the group for endorsement and to talk about some stuff, I straightaway went home.

I passed by the playground nearby to my flat, and that’s where my handphone ring an SMS tune. So I stop next to a bench that was part of the playground to check out the message received. And while I was texting a response from it, my ears ended up collecting a list of amusing come and go expressions from the people referring to their kids within the playground.

“I tell you to take him go there.”

“Do you want to bring your child come here?”

“Take come here my things, won’t you?”

“Bring him go there and played.”

“I say, why did you push him go there on the sand?”

“You go there – wait, you come here first.”

Well, let’s just say, we let them go as they come. We know well enough that its come here and go there. But on reflection, I hesitate. Do we really?

  1. Cmdr Ryan says:

    Haha! A Singaporean way of life I guess. Next time, had a voice recorder from your phone ready. I’ll be the first to hear. keke…=D

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