Star Trek Gift Set

Posted: March 25, 2009 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                             Stardate: 62734.7 (Mar 25th, 2009)

Head towards United Square shopping mall after I had finished my work, where I shall be meeting my local Star Trek founder James Lee, as he had with him an amazing Star Trek gift for me. Not just any gift. But a birthday gift for me =)

Yesterday, Mar 24th was my birthday, and now had turned 25. He planned to give me the gift on that day itself, but eventually was been caught up in his own schedule at the last minute.

Well, had turned 25 in a blink of an eye. I had never been this greatful to reach this age limit. Its like reaching towards the center of time, where one’s great responsibility would exude confidence. To see the other side of the reflection. Not just from the mirror, but something that was earned over the past course of days and months and years.

Wait a minute, why am I bragging about the number “25”? Yeah, you might objected – “Big deal! Next year you’ll be turning 26. What’s being so greatful about that? Age increases by each passing year. You can tell the big difference from it, and don’t tell me you gonna bragged about it once more when the time comes.”

Ok, enough already. Err…where was I? Oh yes, in meeting James at United Square.

Along the way there by train, I had wondered, what kind of Star Trek gift that James wanted to give me? It is a starship? Which I had always been excited upon. In other words, according to him, is an amazing gift not available in the market yet. Strange though, cause how it ended up in his hands? Haha! =D Which is why left me to be tingle all over. Like as though gotten goosebumps boiling against the skin. How amazing it is, I just have to find out once I reached my destination.

Soon, he calls me up, and requested that we should meet at Toys’R’us. There, he handed me the gift, which turned out to be a giant poster of the upcoming Star Trek movie, which shall be hitting in Singapore in May. The poster shows the actress, Zoe Saldana who stars as Lieutenant Uhura. The character “Uhura” was originally played by Nichelle Nichols during the Star Trek Original Series and the first six Star Trek films. In the 2009 prequel film, a so-called re-run where the characters were seen during their younger version, the younger Uhura will be portrayed by Zoe Saldana herself.

Star Trek 2009

And as according to James, this poster is not yet available in the market, and I was one of the few trekkies who had received this as a special gift and the first. Thanks James! This is the best birthday gift ever! =D

Star Trek 2009


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