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Captain’s log                          Stardate: 62729.1 (Mar 23th, 2009)

Two days ago, on stardate 62722.6 (Mar 21st, 2oo9), the well-known local paranormal investigators were invited for a workshop that was been organized by the founder himself. If I had known any better, I think this is the first time the founder himself had put up such an event, as in to introduce the fresh hot topics that many of us were bargain for =D

Frankly speaking, it wasn’t easy for me to come down for this in the first place. I had already apply my leave in-advance when I had came to know about it. Everything turned out fine, until my boss informed us that we were required to standby for the Global Security…whatever that was, that stretches out until Saturday. So whoever had apply leave on that day, will have to be terminated. As a law enforcement officer, there’s no escape to this. They won’t buy any story you make. Even my boss had taken leave for that day, and he have to say farewell to it if our team were to be activated. For the meantime, we were required to standby, and the deadline for further updates will be on Friday, the 20th.

Perhaps, I should have expected this. We are aware of this global issue currently taking place. But been informed at the last minute seems inappropriate for us many. Seems unlikely in the first place. Eventually, you get to witness the doubtful, worried expression all around you, and just wished this will end soon.

Ok, enough already. Cause our wished is granted! =)

Now, here I am, inside a room where the size is perfect enough to be a music studio. And that day, was well earned for. The topic spoken was great, informative, understandable and all in great accounts. Changes made, even certain promotions, new departments been set up, recent issues that needs to be resolves were all in hand and be accounted for. Its fortunate for me, like many others on that day, to come down for the workshop. I’ll be damned if I had missed every single piece of it.

SPI Workshop SPI Workshop SPI Workshop SPI Workshop

At the end of the day, there’s always a story to remember.

A group photo of course! =D

SPI Workshop

The program lasted the whole day, from 1000hrs to 17oohrs. But seriously spoken, its all worth it. We enjoyed it pretty much, and were looking forward if there’s gonna be the next one in the future. Later, several of us head down towards the KFC located within Bedok Central to had our dinner. The whole meal was a combination between stupid jokes and rather some “compliments” made by one of the members.



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