Talk Of The Day

Posted: March 18, 2009 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                          Stardate: 62715.6 (Mar 18th, 2009)

The day was one hell of a crap. Members of public coming in to lodge their report. Answering calls. Making calls. Going from recent reports after another. All seems endless!


Ok, I shouldn’t have been complaining about this, cause the station where I was posted to was always a stampede. I mean, almost. Yeah, time move fast – I can see that, to be obvious. Manning counterduty inside the main station was also known to be the counterpoint of the “unexpected.” Yeah, for sure, I really buy that one out. Let alone, even getting one “wrong number” at the end of the line.

Caller: “Err hello, sir? Can I checked with you? Am I calling the right number for the Visa application in visiting Germany?”


Funny how it may seems, cause I had greeted the caller and add up with the name of the police station as always…


Well, enough said. Its my turned to take a break. I flopped down on the cushion, which was been placed inside the pantry nearby the counter. Bone tired, and my back really ached. Then, it hit me like a hammer falls. What had really worn me out was the wondering. Wondering why am I so damn tired nowadays. Been working pretty hard? I wondered again. Lacked of sleep? Probably so. No doubt, but it still baffles me. Probably lacked of exercise? When was the last time I had trained myself? All this really wind up in my head like some tape recorder that goes rewind over and over again. Well, for that matter, I still had some strength to pull myself up together.

I close my eyes, trying to ease my mind. Then, it flashes me back last Saturday, the 14th where I and several members of the paranormal team had went to KFC for our dinner after participating in the latest Spooky Walk. Remember how one of the members, by the named of Justin had made a moustache out of those cooked potato, and started talking crap that “burping” can be a “compliment” for some. Even without an “excuse.” Hah! I really laughed to that one! =D

At least, I didn’t ended up like a colleague of mine, who goes to work still half-asleep, and didn’t realized he had worn his trousers inside-out. He only happened to realized it when he couldn’t locate the pockets……

  1. Michelle says:

    Eh, cute leh your picture. hahaha! Aiyo, relax lah. Policeman cannot stress, wait u get sick, how? Take care ok. Cheers 😉

  2. Mr Bean says:

    Hmm..I think one of my cousin had went to your station to lodge a report this morning. He told me the day before, that he had lost his handphone. Careless lah he. =D

  3. CaptJ says:

    I hope you didn’t ended up like the first picture while manning counter duty…keke..=)

  4. Peter says:

    Wow captain! You are blogging in fast nowadays! =D

  5. Alex says:

    As a police officer like yourself, I myself had in several occasions received wrong, let alone strange calls, from the public. Can’t really blame them for hitting the wrong button, can they??

  6. captain24 says:

    Thanks guys for all the comments. So strange that all of you comment on the same day, and at different timings which lasted every few minutes. =D

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