Sony Digital Photo Printer =)

Posted: March 17, 2009 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                             Stardate: 62712.2 (Mar 17th, 2009)

My uncle recently brought a Sony digital camera when it was up for grabs during the IT show that ended last Sunday, the 15th. Amazingly, he received a Sony Digital Photo Printer for free! Quite portable, and can be carried at anywhere, anytime. Seeing it, I remember that my local Star Trek founder James Lee, also had one of these cool gadgets. He had used it for last year’s Toys and Comics Connection as a photo-taking session for members of public. All for free! =D


Funny to notice that the colour print pack, which was the ink ribbon designed for the printer was not been supplied together with the package. As well as the print paper. Thought we might get somesort of like a sample, so we can try it out to see how it looks like.

But anyway, my uncle wants me to try it out first, since he was preoccupied with his own stuff and seem to have no time for it. Of course, before operating the device, I had to read the manual first. At the same time, practically testing the device.

DPP Manual

Seems complicated at first, and need to go by each certain steps in order to get familiarize with the basic settings. Certain categories I will avoid for the meantime, as I need to identify the important illustrations first. None of the paper and ink was been provided, so I just have to learn the basic steps. Like how to select or move the pictures taken from the memory stick. Adjust selected components. Checking about the red-eye correction, especially. Making layout prints – all the simple ones for beginners =)

Looks like I don’t have to visit the photo shop studio, when we already have one of our own =D

  1. Cmdr Ryan says:

    Yo dude, I had the one too. Yeah, cool device. Had so many of my photos been printed from there! =D

  2. Michelle says:

    Since I brought this cool toy, I hardly go to the photo studio! hehe..=D

  3. Alex says:

    “Enjoy the convenience of seeing your digital photos in print within minutes with our digital photo printers and print media. Easy to use and compatible with Windows-based PCs, you can print out 4 by 6 inch photos in less than two minutes. With the inclusion of imaging optimization software, you are even able to make a few tweaks to your photos before printing. Compact and lightweight, the digital photo printer is easily portable; making is a trusty companion on vacations or special events.”

    I quoted this one from its main website itself =D Yes its true, its a marvelous device!

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