Yesterday And Today =D

Posted: March 15, 2009 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                           Stardate: 62709.6 (Mar 15th, 2009)

I woke up with a start. How did that happened? And what a dumb question that was! =D

Next, my mind triggers me to look at the time from my watch. Its 15 mins before 1300hrs. Whoa! Really knock off pretty bad. Must have been the night before…

Oh yes! How obvious that was! =D The night before had went out with the well-known local paranormal investigators on their popular phenomenon, especially best suited for paranormal enthusiast. That means, it was dedicated for the members of public who wanted to discovered more about the insights of paranormal. Known as Spooky Walk, its aim is to explore interesting places in Singapore as a team. How hard can you really missed this one if you are soooooo engrossed to it =D

Yesterday’s Spooky Walk was a foot-exploration to take a look at the Marsiling Crescent Shrine, before proceeding towards Admiralty Park where rumours of the area was said to have paranormal activity. Before this, few members, including myself had went to recce this about a month ago. One of the members, whom we called through his forum nick as “textbook” had came to know about this when he happened to heard rumours about the place from the radio, as been spoken from members of public who went there. So, he established a plan, and see whoever’s interested to go with him. I for one sure want to count on it, since I’m not that busy on that day =D

And at the end of the day, he decided that both places should be perfect for another Spooky Walk. It was just right, for the public’s view. This one, I sure not gonna missed it. Besides, it was my first Spooky Walk, and can’t afford to miss this unforgettable event.

Well, more or less, I should say….

The night before. Stardate: 62704.4 (Mar 14th,2009)

This were some of the photos I’ve managed to scrap off…=)

Marsiling Crescent Shrine
(Quite a number of people involved, together with us)

Marsiling Crescent Shrine Marsiling Crescent Shrine Marsiling Crescent Shrine

Yes….rained again that night. But only drizzing…

Next stop..Admiralty Park
(Resemblances much of the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve)

Admiralty Park Admiralty Park Admiralty Park

Along the trekking, we stumbled across a blockage that forces us to detour. Well, better be safe than sorry…

Admiralty Park

Admiralty Park

Soon after which, a group photo was taken (seems “compulsory” nowadays) before we called it a night. My first one was a success and I’ll be looking forward for the next one! =D

Now, it was the next day…I mean, today. Sunday the 15th. The time display was 15 mins before 1300hrs. Took me a second to realized that today I’m supposed to meet two of my colleagues as the three of us are gonna recce..err..I mean checking out the latest gadgets and gizmo at the IT Show 2009 at Suntec City. Today is the last day, and see if there’s any of those cool toys that we might be itching on buying it. And yes, we are a big fan when comes to IT =D

I’m supposed to meet them at 143ohrs as planned. Well, enough said, and immediately dragged myself out of bed.

Fast forward >>>>>>>>

And there we were. Like a warehouse, been infested by all sorts of gadgets that reminds me lot like one of those military underground bases that stores thousands of ammo. We first passed by where the latest plasma TV was up for grabs. One of the big screen was showing this American variety show, known as Maximum Exposure where we are very fond of it. We stopped for a while to watch. The show was presenting a dude..I mean a freelancer teenager riding on one of those desert motorcycle, and was ramming up a desert hill in the middle of nowhere. The cool narrator was heard babbling, as the guy drive on, saying that the dude was trying to act cool just to impress the chicks watching at the bottom of the hill.

Well, so much of his “cool act” when he happened to lost control of the bike, before both rider and vehicle rolled down the hill. Almost reaching the ground, the bike rolled beneath him, (OUCH!!!) nearly crushing him! But he survived! However, one leg badly injured. When been interviewed, this is what he says: “Call me a damn fool if we wish – cause I should have remember some safety. My leg’s badly hurt, and now I’ve got to paid for the f**(beep)*** medical bills!”

And so much for that, when the narrator speaks:

“So you folks out there, listen up yo! Next time, before you take the plunge, better gear up and put those safety instruction into that thick skull of yours. Its better be safe than sorry. Cause you never know the time, where you got to pay for the f**(beep)*** medical bills.”



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