Bright Side Of Things

Posted: March 12, 2009 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                            Stardate: 62698.5 (Mar 12th, 2009)

Here I was, thinking about what the log should have been, and how to put it in words. My mind racked and spin for answers, clues, even hints if there’s any. (I doubt hints, would appeared for sure)

Outside…..well, its dull again I supposed. A gentle breeze blew past every once in a while. Kids laughing and screaming could be heard from down below as they enjoyed the freedom that they can spare within hours of their time. Somewhere near, a dog barked. Probably felt hungry or been pissed off when seeing a stranger at its doorstep. Birds chirping…….do I need to mention that as well? Circulating around us, the sounds were there. Just to expect what comes after another.

I turned back to face the monitor screen. Took a deep breath, and my fingers were soon running across the keyboard like a professional pianist. Pouring out all the contents that is mentioned above and the later part. The thousand and one other matters that had been cropping up in my head, and does felt the urge to discharge them all into my log.

Morning came and when. I woke up early indeed, and had been gluing myself to the computer ever since breakfast. Use to wake up early these days, even during my offs. I prefer to spend more time this way, so I don’t have to waste it all. I start off by challenging myself in one of the racing computer games I own. Eventually, it started to get boring after that. So I browse the internet, and soon got carried away to come face-to-face with my blog. Also, check my mail……nothing new appeared. Just some junk, even a spam.

An hour or so, I ended up turning engrossed to the forums I frequently visit, that I didn’t care about the time. Until I realized it, when I saw the time superimposed at the bottom right end corner of the computer. It was 5 mins before 1600hrs. Yes, and that’s where my favourite sci-fiction movie is about to commence! I had seen the running schedule from the StarHub TV guide the day before, and was looking forward to it. Damn! I almost missed it!

And yes, is a Star Trek movie, if that’s what you are thinking. It’s the ninth movie, and despite watching it many times, I still watch it again! Once a fan, always a fan =D


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