Duty Shift

Posted: March 11, 2009 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                          Stardate: 62695.7 (Mar 11th, 2009)

The night before, still lay in the shrubs at the same duty post. Night shift….oh well. There’s always the happening when darkness falls. And so, here I was. Continously running the same place like the previous day. Except that night, the working hours is shorten at the duty post. Taking over from the previous officer from his morning shift at 2000hrs, and handle the rest of the game till 2200hrs. Thereafter, went out on a hunting game to save another day from pesky crimes till the next day, early morning.

Thought I saw something from a cabinet on my right when I was establishing a report from the computer. Oh my goodness! There’s a portable playstation been left behind. Must have been belong to that previous officer manning the post before I take over duty. Good thing I had his number kept, so I rang him up. “No wonder something’s not right,” he said. “Ok, I be right there. Thanks pal.”

Must have been pretty boring when the post was suddenly awfully quiet, and there’s nothing much else to do, but to get your hands on the PSP just to beat the clock.

Outside, the trees were caught in the wind and were damn strong in the way I see it. Curious, I leave my desk and went out to take a look. What a windy night that was! There’s clouds forming in the night sky. Oh boy, was it going to rain again? Looks pretty heavy to me. And why am I talking about the “beauty of rain” since the day when the sky started shredding tears? Monsoon fever, I’ll bet. Doesn’t get pretty heavy for the matter than it looks like. Or sounds like. Damn, what am I saying?

And it gets a little chilly again when I went back in. Probably the breeze from the aircon, as what “I assume, as to be obvious in the way it looks.” I resume my work. I didn’t noticed how I had turned so engrossed when reviewing those recent incidents been stored from the previous team during their morning shift. Even had one in particular, that can ended up in “Just For Laugh.”

“Man found dead rat under the bed. Don’t know what to do, and as such called for police.”


The phone rang. I jumped at the sound. Yeah, too engrossed to what I’ve been monitoring. One of my colleagues who was my partner for that night had called, saying that he had the patrol car assigned to us ready, and on the way to my post to pick me up before we commence patrol. Now? I looked at my watch.

That surprised me! Its 10 mins to 2200hrs. Probably was hooked to what I’ve been doing that I didn’t even see the time. Apart from that, not even a single soul came knocking on my door to lodge a report…….


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