Gloomy And Dull…

Posted: March 10, 2009 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                          Stardate: 62693.1 (Mar 10th, 2009)

“Maw!!” my cat screamed. Took me to realize that I had stepped onto her long tail by accident! I quickly cuddled her in my arms like a child and smoothed out her tail. At the same time, repeatedly say “sorry” to her. Must have hurt pretty bad… I supposed, she would have raised her claws at me if I had wear my shoes.

Anyway, the day before was a series of twist and turns while manning at my duty post. There’s even some strange events from few of the reports and “Ahem!” believe me, I really gotten that one out in disbelief! Captured me straight to the point whereby how busy it will turned out to be when been placed in such a place. A busy one, as a matter of factly. A colleague of mine even had this commented when he visited me during his break. “Well, even so – the time moves fast, isn’t it?”

I would gladly agreed on that one. No comment =)

The battle from one report to another, answering calls that seem to weight upon your shoulders, serving customers that had few of them, were like as though dealing in a stock exchange rates and that all of the above seem to be running like a full power generator ever since I opened the gates had came to a settle. At least, for the moment, before expecting another stampede.

Seems funny though that the room suddenly felt quiet. Yeah, supposed to be quiet when there’s no one else in here except me. But seemingly, in such a way; and strangely…..chilly. Probably just the aircon. How obvious! =D

My eyes looked out the glass door and windows before me, at the freedom held outside. The weather still held that grim side of look. Been days, and the expression it gave was still gloomy. So gloomy that I thought I saw shadows hanging from above. Its seems dark out there, like as though some phantom is about to crawl out from the mist.

Soon came the rumble echoing in the sky that punctuated by brilliant flashes of burning white and rolling thunder, before the pounding was heard – splattering all over. Oh, how wonderful! It rained again. As heavy as it is. Not to mention, how cold it had turned out to be, that I needed to put on my jacket this time.

I leaned back against the soft padding of the chair, and at the same time, taking a sip of my cup of coffee that my colleague had brought it for me. My eyes still looking out the glass. Days like this were a vibrant cold to the touch. Some, would prefer to say the same old phrase, that days like this would be the perfect time to sleep like a baby. That’s if, when you are stranded at home and got nothing else to do. The shadows, which I thought they were, seems to lowered. So low, that I had this craziest feeling that its going to come crawling into my post.

Quoted this from a sci-fiction novel, that “Some days were gray, hung with leaden clouds…….” Yeah well, guess that was the words for it. Does brings out some sense if you asked me…

  1. Joran says:

    /sayang the_Cat

    cheers, cya at the next gathering

    p.s. i can’t enter the forums

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