7 Days A Week….

Posted: March 8, 2009 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                                 Stardate: 62687.3 (Mar 08, 2009)

Just to wind up something that most of us – around this world for some reason would experience in our everyday life. Apart from that, considered as a life and parcel for all of us. Day after day, just for the sake of earning a living and to support the family. That is, work.

I’ve pick this one up from an old chap whom I meet just recently when I doing some self-study at the nearby Bedok Library. Outside, it was pouring cats and dogs. Its been a monsoon season since last week. Let alone the sky was seeing gloomy every once in a while….ok, enough said. Back to where I just started.

Literally, I don’t know…cause it might make you wondered – if you are reading this post. But don’t get me wrong! I have NO intention to provoke or get on your nerves just because I wrote something like this. It is what I like about writing, and only expressed the good stuff. Furthermore, I never dare write such stuff. I myself avoid from it. Anyway, this old chap mentioned to me that weekdays could be one hell of a stretched. Well, let’s face it. We are having a good time, for some of us on weekends. Then, Sunday ended when the clock strikes 12 midnight. The next thing you know, it’s Monday morning. The start of the weekend is ready. Honestly, I never came up with this so-called “everyday issue.” But this is what the old chap had told me.

Monday: Almost everybody, had the thought of it that Monday is full of chaos. Come to think of it, it does had the impression, since it was known to be the “first day of the week.” Apart from that, transporation turned the road busier. Weekly information spread through staff and officers at work. The phone ringing. The paper printing. Well, I never really ask him why he thought of it that way.

Tuesday: To him, the day sounds like a sleepy, sleepy day. That’s strange, cause I remember reading from somewhere that Tuesday was known to be a boring day. In whichever, or whatever doesn’t seem less appropriate….

Wednesday: The center of the weekend had many of us, especially to those who are not working on weekends will ended up saying: “Two more days to go!” Basically, that’s all the old chap could come up with. To me, not much further to say anything, cause I normally looked at my watch when this day arrives….=0

Thursday: Same thing to them: “One more day to go!” Typically, Thursday, to many that I had chat with had refered it, as a rush hour around the clock. Somehow to killed the time in getting everything done at the first priority.

Friday: Not to mentioned, the end of the week. Close book, close chapter, episode end. Right on the dot. Those not working on weekends just couldn’t wait to leave the office. Needless to say, many of us had to work on weekends. Its all depends on their nature course of work. Even I myself, worked from Monday till Saturday, and were given off only on Sunday. A good friend of mine use to say. “If you can’t beat the time, just use the only alternative.” By taking leave, of course =)

Once again, with all due respect I had NO intention to bring out anything that sounded rather negative and offensive. What the old chap had mentioned, sounded rather far-fetched. He could be wrong, I don’t know. For me, this is something that I wished to reflect on my blog. Quite interesting stuff, I must say =) But in general terms, we work for the sake of earning a living. To support our family, paid for all our bills, planned ahead for the future, and get everything that we had always wanted. Whether it starts with Monday as a so-called “full of choas” day, or Tuesday as a so-called “boring” day, everyday life still runs like a power generator that captures you the view of the world, and that time changes by every minute. Apart from that, a colleague of mine had always the saying goes: “What’s the difference anyway? Everyday is the same old shit.” S.O.S as in short.


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