Debug Mode

Posted: March 7, 2009 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                            Stardate: 62685.4 (Mar 07th, 2009)

Its been almost 2 months that our local Star Trek forum had suffered a major breakdown. It all started several days after we had enjoyed ourselves in the Chingay Event 09. Then all of a sudden, it just went dead. The forum was stuck, and this is not the first time it happened. The previous one had gotten many of us a bad headache, and it was like as thought we had suffered another Great Depression! =( Oh come on, am I been too overacted or what!? But now currently, no matter how many times we hit the refresh button, it will came out this stupid message:

Debug error

Ok, to say the least, I find it somewhat funny that I even took a shot of it. But this is what had been bugging many of us trekkies in an attempt to open up the forum. (And I can’t stand the idea of been debug!!) And even if we managed to get logged in, we still find the same problem when come to accessing to any one of the topics. A few of us, including myself, had write in an email to one of the moderators to see if they can come up with any of their bright solution to fix the problem. Well guess what, our email shown none of their response.

This is getting really out of hand. Some would say annoyed, but I prefer to keep it “out-of-low-profile,” if you know what I mean… Now wonder the forum was getting quiet nowadays, and thought I be hearing those crickets sounds where we commonly heard them busy doing that among the grasses when the sky turns dark. There’s so many future topics to be posted, especially me, since they had regard me as one of the most talkative ones in the forum. Well, seems like I was to be silent for the meantime….=(

As our founder had suggested, that we shall be using our emails for the meantime. Please, any experts in IT, could give us a hint here. Sure, we do have ours, and I certainly hope they are looking into this! The forum had to be kept alive, guys! Its been almost 2 months will no response at all. I’m counting on you!!


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