Start Of The Day….

Posted: March 2, 2009 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                            Stardate: 62671.1 (Mar 02th, 2009)

Just by blinking the eyes away, its already March the 2nd. Time moves fast before you knew it. Its probably the fact that last February hadn’t got the 29th, 30th and 31st marked on the calender. Like as though we had zipped through time, and seeing the dawn of the light emerge on the new month. Oh, how I wished I could own a time machine, especially the one seen in the all-time famous Back to the Future, that was built out of a 1984 sport car, the Delorean.

“You telling me, that you built the time machine – out of the Delorean?” – Michael J.Fox as Marty McFly =D

And over the past several days, ever since somewhere last February, the sky seem to appear rather dull. It does rained, however. But the nimbus floated across the sky gently seems to come back every now and then. I couldn’t help the fact as to wonder, if its ever going to get gloomy all of a sudden; with the sunlight appearing faint from a distance. Yes, the wind does kicks in. And if the sky not going to shower, but still held the breeze, despite patches of brilliance greyness to it, this will be a great day to spend some quality time at the beach. Catching the breathtaking view of the ocean as you feel the breeze brushing against your face. And how windy was that, that it was the perfect moment to launch your kite into the sky. From there, the landscape of it seems to stretch for miles. And right where you are, you can just let your mind wander. Within the depths from the very edge.

Ever once in a lifetime, I came to experience this. Just stand on top of a hill, looking down on the Earth below, that seems most tenuous rather than just breathtaking. A piece of my mind; just to ease myself away from the daily works of life. It was at times like this, that my thoughts turned elsewhere to other imagineries. Warmer, slightly more reassuring. However subjected it was to feel that one needed reassurance in the dark. For once, I knew myself well enough not to ignore such feelings. And better still, not to get overcome by it. At such times, I’m just glad that I’ve turned my mind towards home. Some would say, “The Hearth of the Mind.”

Yesterday was a downpour. Sunday, the very beginning of March. Light rain in the morning, soon turned to heavy cats and dogs throughout the whole afternoon. Within those few hours, it will showered lightly, before raining down another huge wave. The whole day was been in my room, like as though I was been grounded, and with my eyes been glued to my computer. Preoccupied with myself as it would seems. The fact that being as good a place as any where else and keep the fact more or less private. The whole time, was checking the forums and social website that I was commonly into. But with the start of checking my email first. Nothing much, lately. Adding some music along may twist away the boredom. However, doesn’t really last long as I can be expected. But that’s no better way to keep myself preoccupied just to kill some time. Going out? Yeah, tell me about it! Many of my friends seems rather busy nowadays, even on weekends.

Now, here I am, with my fingers running across the keyboard as I poured out everything as what is written above. And outside, is a heavy downpour.

Just before it rains…..


The rain soon stops. And guess what, a rainbow soon shines in the gleam of the eye! =D


  1. silly captain,you brought out too many beauty in rain! have a look at this

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