Trekkies Gathering At PastaMania

Posted: February 19, 2009 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                             Stardate: 62634.3 (Feb 19th, 2009)

There’s always the excitement when our local Star Trek fans were called upon for a special gathering. Yesterday, on stardate 62631.9 (Feb 18th, 2009), trekkies who were participating for the recent Chingay Event were to meet at PastaMania restaurant, located at Funan IT Mall at 1830hrs, where our local founder, James Lee shall be given out the Chingay Certificate of Appreciation as well as a CD-ROM each, as promise through our emails. The CD shows every pictures of us taken; from the first rehearsal, the preview and the actual day. All thanks to both trekkie Richard and Hee Seng, as they had decided to be our minders and had done a wonderful job! =)

So far, seven of our members were unable to turn up yesterday. Well, couldn’t blame them when they were really caught up in their own schedule. As such, their certificates and CDs shall be kept safe.

In addition, I finally get to taste the mouth-watering delight at PastaMania. The truth is, the restaurant was not Halal (simply edible…) in the beginning. I don’t know there’s been a change to it, until my mum told me about it when I told her that I was going to meet the members at the restaurant. Now been approved “Halal”, all Muslims can stormed in to grab a taste!

Excitement from our table there is, where we joked and laughed, checking out the insights and highlights from the Star Trek magazines been brought by trekkie Hee Seng, while we ate our dinner. At the same time, discuss for our upcoming trekkie events and so forth.

A while later, James wants us to have each of us a photo taken showing our cert. He will be the host, standing beside us with the cert been represent between us while a photo was taken. Like a graduation ceremony if you asked me =D

The only photos that I knew. Testing my camera actually, cause its just been repair.. =)


Say what!?

Somewhere a quarter to 2000hrs, we decided to call it a night. We really had a good time, and it has always been this good =)

=/\= Live Long And Prosper =/\=

Andddd….that’s me! =D

Certificate of Appreciation


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