Chingay Parade 09 Full-Dress Rehearsal

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Captain’s log                             Stardate: 62531.8 (Jan 12th, 2009)

This happens two days ago. I should have wrote this down yesterday as I have planned. But was been caught up in other things.

Well anyway, two days ago on stardate 62526.3 (Jan 10th, 2009) was the moment that many of us were waiting for. Especially me, wanting to see the changes that had in-store for me. If you think that, that day was the Chingay Parade 09 Full-Dress Rehearsal, then you are absolutely correct! =D

All set to go for the day’s ahead. And what I’ve mentioned earlier that had in-store for me, was the day where I will turned into the hideous character seen in Star Trek that I had choose to become. Yes, if you are a Star Trek fan, and that you’ve seen the shows and movies, then your guess is right. For those who were scratching their heads as to wonder, let me kindly explained =) They called themselves as “Borg.” (Believe to be taken from the word “Cyborg”) They were cybernectic species whose hobby is to assimilated people to become their “friends” – FOREVER =D And their way of introducing themselves came in three words: “Resistance is Futile!”

Below is an example of Borg:


Anyway, that day arrived. A trekkie, also by the named of James, or known as “CaptJames” as what many of us would addressed him based by his nick in the forum was the first to arrive at the People Association Headquarters. So I was wrong, as I thought I’m the earliest trekkie to beam over. Haha! =D Nearly an hour, local Star Trek founder James, together with his wife, Janice and trekkie Richard arrived with all the Starfleet uniform and props that we helped to bring them into the HQ. The area where we are supposed to gather were already packed with the participants whom most of them had arrived early for their make-up. Next to each of their make-up area were their wardrobes and other accessories to add with their costuming.

Then, the moment of truth…Er, I mean, the moment has arrived to me to put on my make-up. As been told by James, that I needed to put my make-up on first, since mine took the longest time to complete. On top of that, as according to James, I had choose the worst character in all of Star Trek, let alone the hardest in dressing up. Well, can’t argue with that, since I’m the one so “dying” to be a Borg. So might as well get assimilated at first hand! =D

Janice shall be the one in-charge in doing the make-up. James had once told me, besides been a trekkie, she’s laso performs in various Chinese Operas, if I’m not misatken. And that requires a lot of make-up besides clothing. Well, she can get her hands-on with that easily. A personalized make-up artist chosen for us trekkies =

While the make-up process been done on me, the rest of the trekkies participating for the event shows up whereby I could hear their voices at the background. Only two of them, named Robin and Fatimah were unable to make it. Robin was been activate for reservist, while Fatimah was called up for another event, I think. Well, too bad for me, cause I thought of giving Fatimah a good scare with my “new” and “improved” look. Haha! =D My friend, if you are reading this, let me assured you that I’m just kidding =) Anyway, both will be coming over when the big day arrived.

Look a lot more like a rotting zombie from the Twilight Zone..=D

Make-up on

Once my entire face been coloured, Janice began to attach the Borg eye-patch to my left eye. A folded tissue paper shall be placed behind the patch, as been advice from those who had it on before, that my eye can get itch from the glue that were use to stick the patch to my skin surrounding the eye. The tissue helps to protect it.

Assimilation in progress…..

In progress... In progress...

Next, came the half-mask itself, which appeared like a head gear, exposing the face. But before that, I need to put on my inner turtle-neck uniform that comes together with my Starfleet outer wear.

In progress....
Then came the Borg weapon. Better known as the Borg pincer where they used it for their assimilation and that it comes with a glove, were secured around my left hand.

Nearly half-an hour by estimation, this is what I had become.

Locutus of Borg
Finally, I was been assimilated! A Starfleet crew been assimilated – to be exact. Hah! =D Thanks Janice! You’ve done a great make-over =D
Man, do I looked like a freak, or what? HAHAHA! =D

Now, here comes the rest of the participating trekkies. Besides me, trekkie Bryan and Janice too required makeup, but theirs were simple enough =)

Bryan = Taken the role of “Commander Chakotay.” A male human seen in Star Trek – Voyager. He shall also held the flag representing the United Federation of Planets during the parade.

Janice = Had choose to become “Lt Commander Jadzia Dax.” A female Trill seen in Star Trek – Deep Space Nine. She was armed with a prop phaser rifle.

Jasmin = Taken the role of  “Captain Johnathan Archer.” A male human seen in Star Trek – Enterprise. He was armed with a prop phaser gun.

Stephanie = Had wear a full mask of “Neelix.” A male Talaxian seen in Star Trek – Voyager. She was armed with a prop phaser gun.

Franklin = Had wear a full mask of “Commander Spock.” Also known to be “Captain Spock” or “Ambassador Spock.” A male Vulcan seen in the first series of Star Trek – The Original Series and several of the Star Trek movies. He was armed with a prop phaser rifle.

Benedict = Had choose to become a Vulcan. He had those Vulcan pointed ears been attached to his real ears. =) He was armed with a prop phaser rifle.

Vera = An Indonesian trekkie, had taken the role of “Seven-Of-Nine.” A former, female Borg Drone seen in Star Trek – Voyager. She had Borg implants attached above her left eyebrow and one at the right side of her neck near to her ear, and was armed with a prop phaser rifle.

CaptJames = Choose to become “Lt Commander Geordi La Forge.” A male human seen in Star Trek – The Next Generation and from the movies. He wears a VISOR over his eye and armed with a prop phaser rifle.

James (The founder himself) = He wear a full mask of “Lt Commander Worf.” A male Klingon seen in Star Trek – The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine and from the movies. He was armed with a Klingon dagger.

At the same time, trekkie Robin will dress up in a Starfleet uniform that were seen from the original series movies, while Fatimah wore a Starfleet Vest, that were seen in Star Trek – First Contact movie.

Sooner or later, I began to encountered some difficulty. There’s this tube, where one end was already been attached to the side of the half-mask. Leaving the other end exposed, whereby that part will be attached to my cheek. Inches away from the mouth. No matter how much amount of glue been apply on to it just to get it stick to my skin, I still felt it sliding down till it almost touches my mouth. This happens when I started talking, as the movement circulating within the cheekbones causes it to slip away, as what many of the trekkies had discovered. Then, Jasmin had suggested, why not get the end of the tube and hide it somewhere beneath the neck of the shirt. Just for the rehearsal. Indeed, a well-thought =) Leave it like as though the tube were meant to go down the neck. The rest of the trekkies seem to agreed by this, and Janice will try to think of something to get the tube really stick to my cheek when the big day arrives.

The excitement grew as minutes passes by. Cameras flashes everywhere as every of the participants draw in their best posed. Sure, we do have minders from our side. Two of our veterans trekkies, named Richard and Hee Sen was our photographers on that day =) And to add in, we also had few of the Indonesian trekkies beaming down to be part of our minders! Cool! And believe it or not, among many of the participants, we trekkies seem to get much of the attention. Especially with James in the Klingon mask and me been altered into a Borg. Kids stared at us with their eyes wide opened. One of them even ask me whether I had covered my face with floor. There’s even one kid, running away when I hold up my Borg pincer. No intention of scaring them, but many ended up screaming when I lumbered between like a walking dead…

And our CaptJames seems to having a good time of his own. He does appeared overwhelmed in such a way, that he even started dancing with those contingents that were required to dance for the event. One could have wondered: “What the hell is a Starfleet officer doing down there!?” Hah! =D

Well, check out some of the best photos that were taken from our minders. Thanks dudes!

Chakotay to be Klingon and Borg Starfleet Crew Say what? The crew Worf to be CaptJames detected Starfleet Dance

Lunch is been provided. Moments later, about half-an hour to 1700hrs, we were told to assemble outside the HQ, as the rehearsal is about to commence. The steps along the HQ were packed with family members and friends as they came to watch, despite been just a rehearsal. Alien appearance from our side does catches their attention to go, “OH WOW!” =D

It was a long wait for the rehearsal to began. While waiting, our minders took some snapshots of us and together with some of the participants. Not to mention, getting more attention from them. Man, are we Hollywood stars of what!? Hah! =D

Cheerss.. Starfleet crew Starfleet crew Starfleet Starfleet Alliance Engaga! Engage! Cheers

It was really a longgggg wait. Good thing the weather appeared windy. A moment ago, it appeared like as though its going to rain. Seems like, the display of floats that comes in various forms were the first to move. There’s a sailing ship, a cute caterpillar with shoes, even a lion painted in gold, giant toy soldiers; just to name a few. Were they on a test run? I couldn’t tell. Haha! =D

Finally! The rehearsal began! Our Star Trek contingent immediately forms into our formation like what we had practice a week ago. Our minders will assists us throughout the rehearsal.

Defensive Formation!
However, little do we know that we ended up in a confusion. During the parade rehearsal, we were told by one of the volunteering ushers to stop, as to let another contingent came through. Then, came another volunteering usher who he told us that we should have kept going. We was like, huh? Correct me if I’m wrong for those fellow trekkies who were reading this. But is that what just happened? Is that a miscommunication somewhere? Well, we are only left to wonder as we proceed for the next round….

And so, another longggg wait. The sky had started to darken. Once again, I’ve encountered another problem. This time, its my Borg eye-patch as I felt it started to loosen from my skin. Damn it! Must have been cause from the sweat, as expected. Trekkie Richard had rushed in to apply more glue which he had with him along the inner side of the patch. Then I had to hold it firmly in place. How long should I hold? Good question? It had left me certain doubts, especially from the sweat that still flows down my face. Not only me. Even Indonesian trekkie, Vera who had taken the role of “Seven-Of-Nine.” A former Borg Drone seen in Star Trek – Voyager. Vera seems to having problems with the Borg implant that were attached above her eyebrow. And the way she hold it firmly in place was like as though she’s getting an eyesore. Haha! =D Seems like, only the Borg were having some serious problems among other Star Trek characters….=(

Moments later, one of the ushers came to us and reminded us that the next round starts at 2000hrs. Well, guess what? It starts an hour later. Probably its because of the floats that were delay for some reason. At the same time, we also managed to explain what just happened earlier to one of the organizers. And so, all we have to do was to stay in the line, and just go with the flow.


The next round finally commence. The excitement blossom once again. The music cuts through the night. Despite been just a rehearsal, the parade were seen to burst into full energy! Our Star Trek contingent soon captures the excitement from the spectators seated at the steps. There are also more spectators from the opposite side. Watching the parade from behind the railings.

Never do I, felt this excitement come close in my life, as we trekkies started posing as cameras flashes right before our very eyes. It felt so heart-pounding to be inside one of the most anticipating event ever to be held. You get to know the people around. Make new friends along the way. This is our chance of once in a lifetime to experience such a phenomenal!

By 220ohrs, the rehearsal ended and we called it a night. We had truly enjoyed a good time and were all looking forward for the preview and the big day itself.


  1. Derek Dunham says:

    Did you know that Terry Farrell (“Jadzia Dax”) is making her stage debut in February 2009? She’s starring with her husband (Brian Baker, “The SPRINT PCS Guy”) in Love Letters at Hershey Area Playhouse in Hershey, PA. Check it out at

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