Grim side of Clementi Woods

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Captain’s log                              Stardate: 62525.5 (Jan 10th, 2009)

Most of us, well……majority of us had more than one thing in common. Driven by the hopes, the dreams, the fact that we are subjective them as our goals, to do what we have always wanted. Especially to what we were addicted to it ever since we started learning about them. Like a career we enjoyed, and cherish that alter ego as part of your everyday life. He 0r she knew themselves well enough not to ignore such passion. Cause it was something more than just a pastime or hobby. But more towards blending with a team that carries the same interest as you are. The senior ones, rather the veterans had the answers you are looking for, and sooner or later, you gonna tell yourself  how lucky it is for you to be part of the team that was interested in what you are interested in.

Now here’s what I’ve got to reveal about my passion. Besides being  super-addicted to sci-fiction, especially for one who never felt that excited to be part of the local Star Trek fansite, I’m also a member of the local paranormal society. Their goal is to gather enough evidence and to collect data that will lead them to focus a better understanding in all paranormal under all categories including haunting. Typically not your average Ghostbusters, but a paranormal society that held a peaceful investigators that won’t stop in search of the truth behind paranormal. They also wish to better aid any individuals that were having problems dealing with or understanding a situation. As part of their mission by educating them in the true nature of the situation and to share the information in understanding a liveable resolution for the person and the spirit. Clearly an open minded to all theories and methods as this is still not an exact typical science. They lead with a sincere heart and a great passion, and always welcome people, especially those who have experience in these areas or research to join them as members. They have a website, as to inform the public about the serious study in paranormal. Not to mention, even a forum where discussion in aspects of paranormal were conducted. As much as I’m so talkative in the local Star Trek forum, so am I down here. Hah! =D

In other words, the paranormal team is a non-commercial, religious-free, politics-free and scientific oriented, as they conduct their investigations and present results in an consistently scientific a manner as possible.

Anyway, this one happened yesterday, on stardate 62522.8 (Jan 09th, 2009) Recently, I was been invited by one of them named Wan through sms, whether I was interested to recce with them at Clementi Woods. The catch is, there has been reported sightings of a Pontianak, a female vampire of Asian orgin or refer by many as “Cik Pon.” The sightings were found to be at public toilet’s rooftop, the platform stage of the woods, and especially behind trees. As for that matter, I’ve never been to Clementi Woods before, let alone the considerable distance that I had stayed which was in Bedok. About eighteen stations when take the train. Its located along West Coast Road, and only come to heard that there are tall mature trees and with natural vegetation. Size at 12ha, its a welcoming retreat for those looking for a quiet cool stroll in the morning or evening. More like, a welcoming spot for Cik Pon to seek her opportunity. hehe…=D Also heard that, there’s a restaurant located right at the hill top of the woods, known as Sakura. A Japanese restaurant, as the name states. Well, since I’m interested in paranormal besides sci-fiction, why not joined them in the recce? Frankly speaking, had always thought of joining them in one of their so-called ghostly trails and had missed out quite a number of them. So what am I waiting for!? The opportunity is there! Go for it! Besides, I get to meet some of the members that held a generous offer to those who are willing to join in =) In addition, I always had called up one of the local Star Trek member named Fahmi, who I stated in my previous log that he was also interested in the paranormal, in whether he wanted to join us for the recce. Unfortunately, he was on night shift at a hospital he was working. So had no choice and willing to try next time.

While waiting for the others...

We were supposed to recce the area at 1930hrs. Thanks to one of the members who I was told that he was usually late, we ended up recce the place somewhere at 2100hrs. Been played out within two hours, but the recce has to be conducted. Clementi Woods were brightly lighted up, something we could be at least expected. Joggers, couples, even those couples who “cannot get their hands on each other” were still roaming around in the park.

Welcome to Clementi Woods

So here we go….
Then, came the sense of smell once we stepped into the park. A kind of familiar musty smell, where mostly the Malays described it as the smell of  “cempaka.” I don’t know the English word to this, but it a kind of flower or fragrance where it was believe by generations worn by Pontianak. The smell, was intentionally to attract the men as her opportunity before she strike! Then again, did we just smell it? Or just the feeling of it? Or it is another kind that had the same smell?

Compliments from Nur. Thanks!

Directional signs The steps The entry

According to Wan, there’s a path leading up, that leads towards the Tentera Mosque after passing the Sakura Restaurant. Somewhere up there, is where it was mentioned, appeared rather grim. One of the members had stated before in the forum, that she had felt something eerie when she was up there alone recently.

SPI Members SPI Members SPI Members

After a short briefing, the recce was conducted. We followed the path straight down, before turning left and climb up the flight of steps. Right at the top, been built on the left was the public toilet. Right in the middle of nowhere….surrounding by trees. This is where, as according to Wan, was one of the few sightings Cik Pon were seen to be lurking.

The path Structure stands The toilet

Next, we followed a winding path down to the right, and you can see right in front of the public toilet. There’s a platform stage there. One looked, and had me recall, that I’ve seen this platform stage from the pictures been posted in the local website. Wonder if there’s any live band had performed here before? Or any other performance had taken place? Even so, does appeared rather chilling when seen at this time of night…


Within its circular surroundings, were some of the best “hiding places” that Cik Pon can make use of =D

Dark corner Deeper grounds Something hidden...

Our cameras kept flashing as we continue walking up the path. Then, we spotted someone sitting on the path directly ahead of us right after we followed a bend. Turns out to be a lady, probably somewhere in her mid-thirties. Wearing a black T-shirt and jeans, sitting there with both of her legs bend in close to her face and staring at nothing. Curious, we asked her whether if she’s alright. She response with a smile that she’s okay and just taking a break. Taking a break?? Especially when one who happened to sit on the path with her back facing the forest!? Let alone at this time of night!? And speaking of her back facing the forest, there could be those whereby Cik Pon wouldn’t be lurking in there alone. There might be those damn rappist, waiting for the opportunity to strike! Didn’t she even thought about that?

Well, for once, I thought she was Cik Pon herself. =D Anyway, she began to leave. I suspect, that she might have some problems with her boyfriend or whatsoever. And thought by seating there in the dark with her back facing the jungle might give her a peace of her mind…

Next, we’ve decided to enter one of the circulating wooded area. This is one of the toughest one we had to bear with. Uneven terrain, tall roots sticking out, especially cobwebs, you named it.

Wooded area Some concrete... Deeper grounds Entering Dark entry

We even faced certain obstacles such as this…

The log

We had to carefully cross this log in order to get to the other side. Moving at slow pace as we cross over, as this one appeared to be a little wobbly. One of the members almost tripped, resulting for him to trigger a vulgarity by accident. Oh great, cause once you are in this kind of  “places”, no foul language must be heard…

Cameras continue to flash. Using the lights that some of us had carried, we could see the opening from the other side of the woods. A moment later, I sense something that what many of us had called it as “Deja’Vu.” Seriously, I’ve never been to Clementi Woods before. But that strange feeling of deja’vu triggers me when I was snapping a photo on a particular part of a forest. Like as though, I’ve been here before….

The woods The woods The woods The woods The woods Drain in the woods

Soon, we are out into fresh place. More snapshots were taken before we moved off again.

Back outside Dark side... Dark path

Soon, we head back to where Wan, and two more of the members who were waiting of us at one of the park shelter.

Now, here comes the other dark side of things. Little do we know that the surrounding vicinity of the shelter seems to bring in some strong presence. First, was that familiar smell from those nearby trees. Second, was this sudden cold feeling that few of us had felt. Compare to the one where local Star Trek member Fahmi and I felt when we were checking out the famous underpass, where always said to be haunted, that links from BayShore to East Coast Park last month, this one seems a lot stronger. I felt that I was rooted to the spot!

The shelter

The shelter

Not only that, Norman was rather uncomfortable about the shelter’s roof. I don’t really catch a glimpse, but as according to him, something up there is isn’t right…

The photos here were shown in both “Flash” and “Without Flash.”

With Flash

Without Flash

With Flash

Without Flash

More random shots were taken to add in more possible evidences if any.

Random shots Random shots What's that!? Something up there? Something....

A moment later, we decided to call it a night. Everyone of us seems okay as what I can tell.

Then again, what just happened a moment ago might have come to a conclusion, that Clementi Woods could have held a grim side. There are still something left behind untold, and which many would says, a mystery. There’s still a lot more for the paranormal team to search before finding out the truth. And the only way for me to find out the truth, was to join them more often. That’s only when I’m available =)

  1. nur says:

    “Then, came the sense of smell once we stepped into the park. A kind of familiar musty smell, where mostly the Malays described it as the smell of “cempaka.” I don’t know the English word to this, but it a kind of flower or fragrance where it was believe by generations worn by Pontianak. The smell, was intentionally to attract the men as her opportunity before she strike! Then again, did we just smell it? Or just the feeling of it? Or it is another kind that had the same smell?”

    We in a park Captain! tat y got smell…..hehehe…BTW good blog though…

    QR is a daughter to a monk..but it doesnt mean that all daughter of a monk have the abilities to see ghost…some do not…as for QR, she is lucky to have it…but even with the has a lot of consequences.

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