Briefing for Chingay Festival 09

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Captain’s log                            Stardate: 62511.8 (Jan 05th, 2009)

For the very first time in 24 years of my life, I had probably never, felt this excited. Never had experience the sudden rush that swept upon me. The adrenaline that rushes in me like boiling water in temperature rising. If you think that I finally found my dream girl after all this time, then you are WRONG! Hah! =D

This is about the upcoming Chingay Festival, which falls at the end of this month, few days after Chinese New Year. I had mentioned this before in my previous entry, and recently local Star Trek founder James had send out an email to us trekkies, especially to those participating that yesterday on stardate 62509.3 (Jan 04th, 2009), there will be a briefing for the event, been held at the People Association Headquarters whom the organizers had established this event. Last year, members of the local Star Wars fansite were invited to take part for the event. Their presence had caught the audience to scream in delight as they marched down the road like regular troopers heading for battle. This time for this new year 2009, its our turned to hit the streets. More like to boldly go where no man has gone before! This is, the lifetime and utmost experience for us trekkies to finally be part of the Chingay Parade!


In the email, and from the forum, for those who had tailor-made their Starfleet uniforms, like mine, were told to bring it along so that the organizers can conduct an inspection on them. And for those who doesn’t had one, no worries! James had a quantity sets of Starfleet uniforms available in all sizes, and can be borrow on a first-come-first-serve basic =D

Not only that, the audience of the Chingay Parade 2o09 will be in for a big surprise if we can turned ourselves as anyone of the Star Trek characters or alien appearance! How cool was that! And guess what, I had choose to dress up as the cybernectic species known as Borg. If you are a Star Trek fan, then you know what a “Borg” is. And if you are one, I’m not exactly to be a full Borg Drone that covers from head to toe. But a Starfleet crewmember that had just been assimilated. That means to say, I’m still be wearing my Starfleet uniform, and be putting on makeup, before putting on the half-Borg mask that looks like the one in the picture below.

Half-Borg Mask

To be frank, I always wanted to dress up as a Borg character ever since I learn about them. Now, I finally had my chance! Been “assimilated” once in a lifetime does brings out the “fun”, ya know. Haha! =D

But the makeup thingy will be done this coming Saturday, the 10th, which was the full-dress rehearsal. Yesterday is only the briefing. Even for that, the excitement were just about to be brought in. The weather appeared fine, and held a nimbus across the sky. A sign of rain, but doesn’t looked pretty heavy. Less than 5 minutes after I landed at the headquarters, James arrived together with another trekkie by the named of Hee Sen. As promise, James had brought an “armory” of Starfleet weapons and props used, including all the various Starfleet uniforms and masks.

Starfleet uniforms Props used Masks

Soon, the briefing starts. And talked about only just “briefing”, as what many of us had thought so, cause we were told by the organizers to wear our uniforms as well! The catch is, we were later told to assemble outside the headquarters and parade from one point to the end, while remaining in our contingent. This is as what we shall be doing for the preview and for the big day itself. As expected, I began to feel the temperature rising once I stepped outside the building in my Starfleet uniform. But clearly, I had to admit I looked cool wearing that. Its a little tight to the neck. But the tailor had design it perfectly just to fit me nicely after two alterations during the process.

Setting up

Setting up

But anyway, the s0-called “briefing” turned out to be a short rehearsal. Or so it may seems….. We’ll start from the line, then to the end. Then shall repeat again. Our Star Trek contingent was the last, been position behind the floating platforms. Wonder why……hah! =D Besides ours, the rest of the contingents does appeared colourful in turned of their vibrant and intriguing costumes. Many of them were believe to be similar designs as to the previous Chingay events. The participants had indeed, especially members of local Star Wars had performed admirably and turned out to be the talk of the town!

In our contingent, we had a flag banner, whereby a chosen trekkie will hold the flag that represents us, Starfleet, as the United Federation of Planets from the shows and movies itself. And to announced to the audience that we are members of the Singapore Star Trek fanclub as we hit the streets when the big day arrives. In addition, this is where the fun begans. One of the organizers had suggested, that the flag banner at a certain point during the parade march will started jogging in-between other contingents. Like the game of Follow-The-Leader, the rest of the trekkies will followed from behind. This will put much excitement for the audience besides attracting much attention. Good suggestion though. =) But of course, not all trekkies will jogged after the flag banner. Especially an alien character like me, cause a Borg never runs. From the shows and movies, they walked like a freaking zombie. So I have to do the same. Except for yesterday, as I ran around with the other trekkies in-between the contingents. Aiming and pretend to shoot at them with one of the phaser rifles. Really had a lot of fun doing that. =D And when comes to this Saturday, the previous and the actual day itself, I will start walking like a zombie. I mean, the actual Borg itself. Haha!! =D

Star Trek contingent Star Trek contingent Star Trek contingent March in March in March in

But the fun never stops there. The audience might want to take photos of us. Especially those dress up as an alien character and don’t required to jog behind the flag banner. We are allowed to pose and those had prop weapons can pretend to fire at them. How fun was that! And I can’t wait to try out mine! By using the prop Borg pincer that were secure to my hand, I can pretend to “assimilate” any one of the audience. Imagine myself, grabbing any one of them, and pretend to use the needle attached to the pincer and pretend to jabbed it to their necks. Just like the actual Borg themselves. But of course, advised was been given to me, as NOT to directly poke! Message understood, so does the rest of the trekkies, and try not to get too overwhelmed at the same time. =)

March along March along March along

The rehearsal repeats about five times if I’m not mistaken; with a break in-between. At the end of the day, which finishes at 1300hrs as according to schedule, we told ourselves that we had truly enjoyed a good time, and were looking forward for the full-dress rehearsal this coming Saturday. It starts at 1600hrs till 2200hrs, and dinner will be provided. Those required makeup had to be at the headquarters best before 1500hrs.

This time around, we are just getting started =D

Some random pictures before we call it a day. Enjoy! =D





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