Massive Collections

Posted: November 28, 2008 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                            Stardate: 62408.2 (Nov 28th, 2008)

Everytime I viewed someone’s massive collections, or other collections that were stored in one room, I always felt impressed by them. Understand that this collectors took decades to purchase them just to keep adding from one collection after another. Especially when comes to toys, majority of the collectors will still preserved them in their boxes from where they were brought. Left it unopened, and the prize remains the same.

It always interest me when viewed each of their collections. For me, I just started as a hardcore fan of a Star Trek collector, of course. =) Once, I’ve viewed local Star Trek founder, James Lee’s collections of Star Trek merchandise; ranging from comics, novels, movies, posters, models of starships, action figures, Starfleet uniforms, card collectibles, the computer games, the boardgames; all packed in one room! Of course, collecting all this does took him decades just to created his own museum of Star Trek collectibles. Furthermore, he did advised me on this during the trekkies night tour along the Southern Ridges.

Firstly, its my budget. How much I want for such a particular item will depends on how much cash I had. Don’t buy it if in doubt of enough cash. Endurance is one thing. Patience is another. Because its never too late to become a Star Trek collector. There may be other important items that I’ll need to buy besides this.

Secondly, focus on the items that you are most interested in. James had introduced me few of the local trekkies, that each of them had different taste to those they are interested in. There’s one, who concentrated most on ships. The other, more on the novels and calenders. Also, a trekkie whose more into customized card games. Because if you start buying other collectibles; let’s say for example, that collector starts to buy Star Wars collectibles after one week of buying some of the Star Trek merchandise. As a result, everything might get messed up. Its not wrong, however. The problem is, you might get distracted to the current ones and might forget about the ones you are focus into it in the first place. Its like, jumping into conclusions. No offense, just my point of view.

That’s why its so important to stick to one particular subject. You can buy other merchandise just to add up. But that very important one must be in numbers. =) As for me, I’m more to starships ever since I started watching the shows. And when comes to starships, I mostly concentrate on Federation starships. I currently own the U.S.S Enterprise-E (damage version), which I brought it several months ago in a comic store at Funan IT Mall. Next, was the U.S.S Enterprise-D, which I brought it from one of the trekkies as part of his “clearance sale.” Then, there’s the Galileo shuttlecraft model, that operates onboard the U.S.S Enterprise NCC-1701. It comes together with an action figure of Captain James T.Kirk. Also brought this from the same trekkie. And of course, the recent set of Star Trek collectibles of eleven ships that I’ve ordered from eBay. =D

And where there’s many, who will be surprised by those Federation starships I owned the most. They are cheap, and made out of recycle materials and just by using glue. Just about anything I can spare that can be used to built a nice starship. They came from imagination I had in mind. You picture it, designed it on paper, built it with an added ingredient of patient, and there you go! Of course, a few of them were built in groups. I had few of my pals who love designing their own ships. Overall, its called “Do-It-Yourself” starships, as what James would have considered. =)

I’m now starting to expand my Star Trek collections. But I do take the advise been given by James. Be patient, and don’t rushed. Try to stick to one particular category and only buy, when you had enough cash. Wasting your money is not going to help building up your collection. Its always never too late to start collecting…


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