Star Trek Mini Collections

Posted: November 26, 2008 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                 Stardate: 62402.3 (Nov 26th, 2008)

Finally! The eleven sets of Star Trek mini collections that I ordered from eBay about two weeks ago has arrived. Before that, I received a post letter two days ago, on Monday stardate 62396.8 (Nov 24th, 2008), saying that my ordered item has arrived and I can collect it on the next working day from the nearest post office. The office opens till 1700hrs, and since I mostly reaches home from work at a quarter to six, I had requested my uncle to collect it on my behalf.

The collection was based from a toy company known as Furuta. The eleven mini sets were comprises of nine Federation starships, one Ferengi and one Jem’Hadar vessel. All packed in one box. I was really fond of the collections, and they looked really neat and highly detailed within their rows. Furthermore, I previously also own a single Federation starship, also from Furuta which my grandfather had brought it for me few years back. I add that together with the rest =D

mini-collections mini-collections-2 mini-collections-3 mini-collections-4


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