Trekkies Event For The Upcoming Chingay Festival

Posted: November 17, 2008 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                         Stardate: 62378.2 (Nov 17th, 2008)

Yesterday, stardate 62374.6 (Nov 16th, 2008) was the first appointment for us, trekkies with members of the People Association (PA) in regards for the upcoming Chingay Festival. So far, only local Star Trek founder, James and I shows up. Three more of the EXCO members said they will be coming. Unfortunately, last minute plan causes them to held back. Since I was newly appointed and had therefore agreed to it, I might as well turned up.

The appointment starts at 1400hrs. But we had to be there at 1330hrs. So far, I have seen the PA Headquarters many times, but never have seen from the inside. So I guess I’m lucky enough to take this opportunity and get to see the inside =) Anyway, it start off whereby there’s a crowd coming into the academy hall, and were soon told to be seated in groups around any of the tables that was been arranged. Except for the two of us of course, as we were seated near to the side. And the groups themselves were actually, which I believe so were participants for the Chingay Festival. Their objective here, was to design their own costume. Better known as “outfit”, as been describe by one of the presenters named Ms Phylia Poh, whom I believe was the manager of Part 1 Design Pte Ltd, and also holding a degree in Ph.D in both fashion and creativity. Secondly, they have to discuss among their groups they were in. Think creative ideas; out of the box. As what I’ve noticed, most of the groups were secondary school students. Surprisingly, there’s even senior citizens taking part for the event as well. =)

The reason why we are not in any one of the group was this. Firstly, majority of us trekkies had our own uniform completed. Including the props that was been used in the series and movies, and that majority of them were brought from overseas. Secondly, our uniforms were tailor-made from a specialized costume store. They were made to be specify, clear cut, as to be exaclty as what been seen from the shows. No modifications or such alterations or whatsoever. Ms Phylia did insisted that we should be in any one of the groups. We do strongly agreed with her; however, as what I’ve been mentioned about the uniforms and all that.

After introducing herself and her job scope, she began to represent some slide shows. All in unique fashion and worth of creativity. She calls them as “Wearable Fashion.” Meaning to say, you can make use out of anything that you will find it suitable in designing your own outlook. Closer to recycling materials, as what I can think of. Believe me, the slide shows were intriguing. There’s one of them, which was indeed an eye-opener, whereby the designer had make use dozens of telephones and make it into an outfit. That’s really one hell of an idea, if you asked me! =D

The first gathering held yesterday was supposed to end at 1800hrs. But both James and I had to leave by 1600hrs, as we need to proceed to Queensway shopping mall to collect the Star Trek Polo T-shirt that we are all been waiting for. =) Its our very own Singapore Star Trek Polo T-shirt, that we had been discussing about it through the forum. Now its all done and ready to be collected. =D

On top of that, the shop owner of the respective designer shop who had taken her time and effort in putting in the logo and words had truly done a fantasic job! =D


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