Trekkies Night Walk Along The Southern Ridges

Posted: November 10, 2008 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                       Stardate: 62360.1 (Nov 10, 2008)

Two days ago, on stardate 62354.4 (Nov 08, 2008/Saturday), few members of the local Star Trek fansite, including myself had embarked on an evening walk along the Southern Ridges. Based on articles, the Southern Ridges was a 9km chain of hills stretching from Mount Faber Park through Telok Blangah Hill Park to Kent Ridge Park. It was been developed by the Urban Redevelopment Authority of Singapore (URA), that two bridges and a elevated walkway will be constructed to link over the hill parks. Completed in early 2008, whereby the linkages will give visitors access over the hill parks to experience the green expanse of the magnificent Ridges. I do heard about this new development, and had seen the pictures from the website. Indeed, a spectacular green environment. Perfect for nature lovers and bird watching. Since I’m the type who love adventures, why not joined in the fun? Especially when together with members of the local Star Trek fansite =)

To be frank, I’m supposed to be working on that day. Believe me, I had to beg to my officer in-charge just to grant me leave only for that day. I just couldn’t afford to miss this outing. So far, I hardly participate in any evening walk, and I could say this one was even better because I’m going out with members of the local trekkies. Eventually, after much resistance, my OIC finally agrees and let me off just for that day. I mean, come on! I’ve been helping him in so many assignment due to my work in CERTIS CISCO, and my only off day were on Sundays. Been working like hell, and he should have at least inclined to agree on giving me a break every once in a while; just to be fair.

Anyway, only seven of us, with one of them bringing along his girlfriend showed up on that day. Another trekkie was supposed to join us also. But he never showed up, despite repeated calls to his handphone. In the end, we proceed for our night walk.



We all had agreed to meet up at HortPark, which is a one-stop gardening hub that brings together as a gardening-related, recreational, educational, research and retail activities under one big canopy. More like the botanic gardens, but a smaller version =) Our objective is to start off from the bridge across Alexandra Road, where it was adjacent to HortPark. That is where, it will leads us to Telok Blangah Hill, and where the Henderson Waves was located. Also in connection towards Mount Faber Park. And for the bridge itself, this is no ordinary bridge I’m talking about =) It has a curved deck, and a tilted arch, which resemblances much like an open leaf. At night, the bridge will be illuminated by colour-changing lights. Just to add some flutter and dazzle to the nightscape. The lights will be switched on between 1900hrs and 2330hrs daily. Too bad we had missed it, since we already on the move across the bridge about half-an-hour before seven. Hah! =D

One of the best pictures I can come up with =)



We reached the other side of the bridge. Now moving across a 1.6 km meandering elevated walkway which was made from galvanised mild steel grating, and spans over nature. You can say, its a deep down below from above. =o The elevated walkway is without steps and meanders in a zig-zag fashion to hug the steep slopes. Furthermore, the design for the walkway is meant to inspired by nature, and attempts to switch the man-made structure into a natural landscapes. Not to mention, a breathtaking view of the horizon…


Finally, we reached the end of the walkway. What a walk that was! But it ain’t over yet. =) And before we moved off, a group picture was taken from each of our cameras, been kindly assisted from a nice lady. =D


Once done, we proceed. Following the road next to a wooded area. By then, it was already dark. Several minutes later, we reached to the next intriguing spot. Another fascinating bridge, that was located 36m above Henderson Road, and bridges Mount Faber Park and Telok Blangah Hill Park at a horizontal distance of 274m, and vertical elevation of 20m. According to the construction details, the bridge is made up of four important surfaces, and expressed as different layers.

The most unique feature was the design, in a mathematical formula to give the bridge its “wave form effects.” Altogether seven undulating curved steel that looks like ribs alternately rose over and under the bridge deck. Based on description, the rib structure appears as a sculptural artefact in the day, and becomes a self-illuminated structure in the night. There’s even the lighting, which would help to inverse the light and cast a shadow within the rib structure during the night. Like the look-alike opened leaf structure been made on the bridge across Alexandra Road, the lights will be switched on between 1900hrs and 2330hrs. The wave-form will be lit with orange LED light just to blend in with the rustic environment. Fascinating!



On top of that, a few of us even lie down on the bridge timber-made platform beneath one of the curvy structure. Totally exhausted, that’s for sure! =D



We reached the end of this amazing bridge, and proceeding across another wooded area. A mile uphill, then a mile going down. We came to an intersection that branches out into three different directions. And this is where, we are really lost. As such, we went to check the map from the board for the way to escape. Hah! =D One of the trekkies had his handphone been equipped with a GPS. He locked onto it, but ended up scanning the whole world instead of the location we are in. =D The rest of us were still checking the map. Pointing here and there till don’t know where. One of us even asked a taxi driver who happened to pass there. And by the time, we’ve managed to find the right route, our friend with the GPS were still scanning. =D


We continued the hike. Moments later, we came across of what appears to be a dinning area, which was known as Emerald Lodge, where it faces a breathtaking view. One of the trekkies had approached one of the staff to make some enquires. Took a few shots here and there before we make our move.



A mile away, loud music was heard. A celebration is taking place ontop a hill. A building been illuminated with marvelous displayed of lights. There’s people dancing on the upper deck on one side of the building. Pine cone tress surrounded by lights. More lights dazzling along the small road next to the building. Took a moment to realize that, there’s a Christmas party going on. Well, its only a month away, but they sure had it in advanced =)

Most intriguing of all, a sky-high tower was been decorated with lights till the peak. From a distance, it looks like a giant towering Christmas tree. Its an amazing presentation during this time of year.


Few more snap shots and off we go again. We followed down a flight of steps, entering another wooded area where there’s no lights installed. Fortunately, one of us had brought along a flashlight, and the other activates the light from her handphone. Guided by the lights, we followed all the way down. The steps turned steeper. The flat-surface turned rougher. But all ended behind us once we had stepped out into civilization!

Lights ahead! We are back at Harbour Front. We really had make a big circle from the starting point. An entirely BIG CIRCLE =D

Lastly, we headed towards Burger King for our dinner. The outing was all worth it. Its been an unforgettable night, and I wished the rest were here as well. As for me, good thing I managed to push some resistance towards my OIC to grant me leave. I’ll be totally upset if he rejects it.


burger-12 eating-11

Compliments from trekkie Jeremy a.k.a “lanman” =D

=/\= Live long and prosper =/\=

  1. jeremy says:

    great write up and greater pictures ! 🙂

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