Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3

Posted: October 27, 2008 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                      Stardate: 62323.4 (Oct 27th, 2008)

Today was the launch event of the Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3, that takes place at Shaw Lido Cineplex Level 5, located at Orchard Road. Before the launch, it was announced that we can pre-order the game at all Comics Connection and Challenger stores. For this CnC, we were given a choice of two special packages, the Commander’s Pack and the Officer’s Pack.

The Commander’s Pack, which cost $306.90, includes the game, the Women of Red Alert 3 poster, CnC Red Alert 3 DICOTA Notebook BacPac, and a Microsoft SideWinder X6 Gaming Keyboard, and this is the only gaming keyboard on the market with a switchable key pad for powerful versatility. For the Officer’s Pack, which cost $187.90, you will get those mentioned above except for the keyboard. Firstly, I thought of ordering the Commander’s Pack. But took me a second to realize that the keyboard I had, was specially designed for gaming and also under Microsoft =)

So I ordered the Officer’s Pack, and were given the Officer’s Pack pre-order card as proof. Those who were unable to come today can collect their purchase on the 29th October onwards from the retails stores where they had order the package from. But they will be missing out the free Soviet T-shirt that will be given away only at the launch.

The launch will start from 1000hrs to 1500hrs. As I expected, there will be already a long queue when I arrived there about ten minutes after 0900hrs. Majority were CnC fans. How hard can they be missed to be the fast one to grab in line. Even I myself couldn’t wait to grab it and to place myself into this new battlefield. Finally, the wait is over! The launch was open about fifteen minutes before ten. No rushed, no pushing, no grumbling; all moved in an orderly manner despite each of us so eager to grab the game.

Finally, my turned comes to redeem the package. The game, the poster, the T-Shirt, and the cool backpack. Its another exclusive addition, to add to my Command and Conquer collection =)


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