Names And Buildings

Posted: October 18, 2008 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log              Stardate: 1810.08

I’ve always found this inspiring. Everywhere I go across islandwide in Singapore, there’s always those certain places that were more or less “fashionable” in terms of those buildings and locations.

Let’s say, for just “Building.” There will be Yen San Building, Ocean Building, Cathay Building….

Then, there will be those started as “Houses.” Parliament House, as the key structure. Thus, we have Shaw House, Shing Kwan House and Rubbes House.

Then, along came the importance of being central, and many buildings had became “Centers.” Such as Shaw Center, People’s Park Center, Funan Center and Clifford Center. Years later, there’s even more been focused at “Points.” Such as Centerpoint, Northpoint, Chinatown Point, Causeway Point….

Ultimately, size became the hallmark to make a name for itself. Like a fortress, a castle, but a well-known “City.” Such as Rafffles City, Marina City, Ngee Ann City, Suntec City, Vivo City….

Some buildings were even competed to reach the sky, the limits. Liat Tower, Shaw Tower, Shell Tower, Hitachi Tower, Ocean Tower, Singapore Land Tower…..

Walk a bit more, and you found yourself in an open square. Literally, the “Plaza.” City Plaza, Plaza Singapore, International Plaza, Far East Plaza, Tiong Bahru Plaza…..

Furthermore, there’s a lot more than meets the eye! =)

  1. Joran says:

    Hehz. There’s a stardate generator if you wanna use it 😉

  2. Md.Ariffin says:

    Hei, heard about that one before. Thanks dude! =)

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