Rather Sick

Posted: July 17, 2008 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log
Stardate: 1707.08

Feeling kind of weird today. I mean, kind of sick really. I turned out well this morning, and feeling rather down before the time strikes 12 noon. I wondered, was this because of the Mentos chewing gum my friend gave it to me this morning? Believe me, I was chewing the gum the whole morning at my duty post till 12 noon. Even the sweetness has gone, I just kept chewing. A friend of mine ever told me she suffered from stomach cramps when she chewed the gum the whole day. Well, it happens to me before, and it was a fact. But today, I suspect it could be the gum. I did this just to help me stay alert. Well, it does.

Or maybe it wasn’t the gum. Maybe I’m starting to feel sick. The usual sight that just appeared before you know it. On top of that, my leg and back started aching, and I just couldn’t wait to reach home and lie down. The headadche soon came in, and swallowed in two tablets of Panadol. Feeling kind of better now, and to spare the time to write into my blog before taking the first flight to dreamland. I just hope I didn’t really get sicked. I hope….


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